The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma Launch (& the Relaunch of this Blog!)

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Last night, I realized I need to blog again. But more on that later. 

Last night, Nova Ren Suma launched her novel, The Walls Around Us, at McNally Jackson in New York City. I currently attend NYU, and McNally Jackson is about a fifteen minute walk from where I live. So of course I had to go. Imaginary Girls is an incredible novel, and The Walls Around Us is a book that I've been highly anticipating for months. In addition to Nova being there, Libba Bray moderated the event. What could be better than this combination? Absolutely nothing. 

Libba Bray and Nova Ren Suma 
The author talk and Q&A was hilarious. Libba Bray is one of the funniest human beings I've ever encountered, she had the entire crowd laughing throughout the entire book talk. And Nova was so sweet and down to earth and just seemed like such a cool person. She stayed afterwards and signed and personalized everyone's copies of The Walls Around Us and was just displayed so much gratitude toward her readers.

I've attended book events in my home state. I've met Sarah Dessen twice, and went to John Green's "Tour de Nerdfighting" when he launched The Fault in our Stars. But I have never had an experience quite like this one. Being in a local, cozy independent bookstore, there for the launch night of an author's work that you can tell holds so much pride in her heart, it was a truly incredible experience.

She signed everyone's books, and I got to speak with her for a minute. I'm so incredibly awkward when I meet authors, because whenever I meet an author that I admire, an author who has impacted me and my writing, they just embody everything that I hope to become someday. I told her that I write YA and that this is what I want someday, and she had such kind sweet words, and even wrote a note in my copy of The Walls Around Us.

In addition to this night already being beyond incredible, Gayle Forman was there. When she walked into the room, my insides screamed. I am obsessed with Gayle Forman and her work (expect my first review back to for her latest release, I Was Here). After I was all set with Nova and made my purchases. I saw Gayle hanging around, talking to some other people. I debated in my head for probably ten minutes whether or not I should go up to her before I was like, screw this, she's right here, and I knew I'd never forgive myself if I passed up this opportunity. YA authors are my rockstars. 

So I went over, trying so hard not to be a creepy fan girl, and said hi, gushed over her writing, told her I write YA, and tried not to be as awkward as I felt. She was so sweet, she asked me my name and hugged me. I got a picture with her too. A few years ago, I would have never been bold enough to walk up to someone I admired so much, so I left the bookstore feeling so proud of myself for doing this. During the conversation, I kept apologizing, and finally her response was like. "No, stop. You're a woman. Never apologize." 

Have I mentioned how much I love her?

Gayle Forman and me (squeee!)
It was just such an all-around wonderful night, and I really felt the support of the YA community. Sitting there, watching Nova read, and hearing how Libba and Gayle and Nova all workshop their projects together, the entire time I was thinking this is what I want. I've been writing more and more since 2015 kicked off, but this night was just another motivating push I needed to really get me going and motivated to work for this. The YA community is so supportive and fantastic and wonderful and I can only hope that I'll be lucky enough to be a part of it someday.

For now, I will write, and I will start blogging again. Expect weekly book reviews, a re-launch giveaway, and all things writing related. The last year I've been so wrapped up in life and graduating and adjusting to college, but now I'm at a place where I really think that I'm ready to re-immerse myself in this world.

 I hope you guys let me back in!