I Miss This

I miss this.
Typing and rambling.
What is happening?

I'm constantly doing something.
3 AP classes haven't killed me yet.
There's dance, student council, and (attempting to revive) drama club.
And just when I think the weeks over, that I have a break.
90% of the time I'm working Friday through Sunday.

I'm not shallow enough to believe that people care enough to read the mundane ramblings of my life.
But blogging was something I used to do for me.
And then I realize that my last real post hasn't been in months.
I've only read three books since school has started.
I've still been writing whenever there's a moment to breathe.

I miss having the time to do what I love.
Don't get me wrong, I love dance and student council and life and I'm not trying to complain.
It's just it's all so time consuming.
I wish I could just relax.

I know the stress is going to build as the next to years go on.
And I guess it really is about finding balance.
And I have for the most part.
It's just sometimes I miss it.

Have you ever gotten to the point when you're working so hard and you don't even know what you're working toward?
Yeah, me too.

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E.J. Tvilling said...


*super hugs* <3 <3 <3

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