I Miss This

I miss this.
Typing and rambling.
What is happening?

I'm constantly doing something.
3 AP classes haven't killed me yet.
There's dance, student council, and (attempting to revive) drama club.
And just when I think the weeks over, that I have a break.
90% of the time I'm working Friday through Sunday.

I'm not shallow enough to believe that people care enough to read the mundane ramblings of my life.
But blogging was something I used to do for me.
And then I realize that my last real post hasn't been in months.
I've only read three books since school has started.
I've still been writing whenever there's a moment to breathe.

I miss having the time to do what I love.
Don't get me wrong, I love dance and student council and life and I'm not trying to complain.
It's just it's all so time consuming.
I wish I could just relax.

I know the stress is going to build as the next to years go on.
And I guess it really is about finding balance.
And I have for the most part.
It's just sometimes I miss it.

Have you ever gotten to the point when you're working so hard and you don't even know what you're working toward?
Yeah, me too.

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Get Your Pitch On: The Last Knight

Name: N.S Dorrington
Email: nicola_dorrington@hotmail.com        
Country of Residence: Cayman Islands
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
Word-count: 79,000
Pitch: Cara Page has seen the future for five years. To her it’s normal. What isn’t normal is discovering she’s the heir to King Arthur. The barriers are crumbling between her world and Avalon, the world of the Fair Folk and Cara is the only one who can stop the destruction that will soon follow. The only way she can succeed is with the help of Lance Filwer, the last knight.

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