Finishing A Novel & The Derping Afterward

I finished my third novel.
This post is a little delayed, but I've been derping around for weeks now, trying to comprehend the reality of the situation.
July 27, 2012 I finished a draft of Miles To Go

I've been pretty quiet about this WIP around here. But now I'm ready to talk about it. Because I really think there might be something with this one. It's the first novel that even thought bubbles of querying have formed for. I feel so connected to these characters and this story, and it was such a great feeling typing the last words and being able to say I've finished something. I've finished two other manuscripts in the past, but this one has just felt different, you know?

Here is some details:

It’s hard enough living in the shadow of a sibling. But it’s a thousand times worse when they’re dead in the ground. 
Leila’s entire life is one big reminder that she’s not Rose. Her mother is still living and grieving eighteen years in the past. Her father spends life in the office and her brother Drew is off earning his MD on the east coast. Alone and longing to understand, Leila takes a leap of faith and opens the door at the end the hall- the door that hasn’t been opened in nearly eighteen years. 
Inside, she finds Rose’s journals. For the first time, she can see into her sister’s mind. Inside the pages, there’s a list of. Destinations are scattered across the country. The Bucket List she never got to fulfill. With nothing and no one to hold her back, Leila decides to trace the path Rose left for her.
With the ex-best friend, the current best friend, and a minivan loaded with snacks and tunes, Leila sets out to see her sister’s world, hitting road blocks, making memories and mistakes, and hoping to somehow make a mark. Not only for Rose, but also for herself.

Yep. That's it. Maybe I'll post an excerpt or two if you guys want. It's also up on Wattpad.

First off, before I get to the derping, let's talk about the actual FINISHING. Because I know how difficult that is for a lot of people. I've been lucky, because if I set my mind to finishing something, I can usually eventually make that happen. Here's some of the most important advice I can offer to you.

Push through. Write, even if it sucks. Once you have a finished product then there's something to work with. Don't be afraid that it'll be horrible or it's now worth it or whatever.

2) Don't edit while writing. 
Keep moving forward and please resist the urge to go back and edit the beginning when you don't even have an ending yet.

So, now that I'm finished with this and waiting on my beta editors, I've realized how much time there is to waste now. So here's some suggestions during the post-novel derp stages.

1) Make a playlist for your book
Miles to Go is a road trip, so the playlist was natural. Still, it has everything from RENT to Led Zeppelin to Elton John to Gavin DeGraw. The more into it you get, the more hours that will be wasted.

2) Make a Pinterest Board 
I've tried to avoid Pinterest, but I've at last succumbed! And finding images that match your words is so much fun. Literally hours can be spent on this website. HOURS.

Basically, if you're working on a WIP.... don't stop writing. And if you're derping like me, find distractions!

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Mia said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats on finishing! I think I'm like on chapter 3 on Wattpad but I love it and can't wait to read the rest. Enjoy the break? Haha, before you're just consumed by editing.

And thank you for the awesome advice! Hopefully one day I'll actually finish a book too. Because I think there are like 233,239,482 that are in limbo. I'm just such a perfectionist that I get discouraged and end up editing instead of writing. Bah.

Anyway, congrats again! :)