Where's Marisa Been? (Shown Through Instagram)

A Brief Update of Happenings in my Life:

1) Writing Like a Fool (& eating Chex Mix)
I'm so close to finishing my current work in progress, titled Miles to Go. I'll talk more about it in another post. But it's a road trip story leading to New York with an interesting set of characters, and emotional subplots. It's been my favorite story to write, and honestly the easiest.

2) Working
Yes, I am employed. At TJ Maxx. Not a bad job, to be honest. And it's nice making money.

3) Going to the beach
This is the moment where I brag that I live 5 minutes away from the beach.

4) Spending Time With Family
This is my cousin, Olivia. Ignore my face and stare at her adorable-ness

5) Youtube. Mostly vlogbrothers
 So, John Green favorited my tweet of this screen cap. It pretty much made my life. See the tweet here.

6) Watching Netflix
 Thank God for Netflix. Right now it's Friday Night Lights, and it's so good. Can I just say TIM RIGGINS LET ME LOVE YOU?

Apart from that of course there's reading and spending time with friends and the works.
There's also mucho summer work.
I'm taking three AP classes in the fall. Shoot me now.

The majority of these pictures were taken with Instagram. I am obsessed! If you have one you can follow me here. And be sure to leave yours so I can follow you!

So, how've you guys been spending your summer?

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Megan said...

I'm eating Chex Mix right now.. o_o