A Tale of the Not-So Vacation

This week was my not-so spring break. Why not so? Because I had the pleasure of taking Driver's Ed all week. 9:00-3:30 every day Monday through Friday. God, it was horrible. And my best friend relied on me for rides, so most days I was up before seven. Loved spending the week with my friend...but I missed my sleep.

The class was just so monotonous. It was all common sense, and each mini-lesson pretty much repeated what the previous lesson said, just using different words. It was literally the slowest week of my life. It was worse than school, sitting in a stuffy room for six hours straight. We got a couple ten minute breaks here and there, and a half hour lunch. Longest week of my life.

This is how I passed the time:

Day 2: The Doodle Edition

Day 3: Extensive Outline for my WIP

Day 4: The Song Edition

And even somehow with all this doodling and spending time on my iPod Touch (which I mercifully got WiFi on!) I still managed to pass the final test with a 93 woohoo!

I'm just glad it's over. Now to finish all my vacation homework I've been neglecting. Because it's right back to school tomorrow. Wah. :\