MASC 2012: It's Been Real

Hey everyone! I'm back from the brief hiatus. It's been a crazy experience these past few days, at the Massachusetts Association of Student Council state conference. I spent three days in Cape Cod, locked in a hotel with 1,200 student council kids from all over the state. I got to see old friends from summer camp, as well as bond with my own council. It's just such a good time.

My Council. And a random girl who just jumped in the picture.

This is chalk. CHALK.
One of my favorite parts about conferences like these are the keynote speakers. We had two amazing motivational speakers speak to us. Judson Laipply, the Evolution of Dance guy from YouTube, and Bob Upgren, an incredible chalk artist. They both spoke to us about our power of choice. Bob Upgren focused on how our culture has this socially constricted view about what occupations are acceptable in life, and about how that stops people from doing what they want to do. About how money plays a major role in our career path, stopping us from doing what we love. He said that we can't do anything that we want to do. That's a myth. But that we can do anything that we were born to do. And how you have to figure out both what you're passionate about and what you're talented at. This just really spoke to me because I love writing so, so much. And I think that I consider other, more "successful" or "comfortable" career paths because I'm afraid that nothing will ever happen with my writing. But I leave these conferences thinking "I WANT TO BE A WRITER!"

And then Bob drew this amazing work of art, right in front of all of our faces. In about ten minutes, he took a chalk board full of words that keep us from being what we want to be, words such as "fear" "regret" and "failure" and made this work of art. It was such a moving thing to see done before me. How he would use the colors and blending, and how a few random lines turned into a light house, weird shapes would be mountains. It's such an unbelievable thing to watch.

Me and Judson Laipply
Judson Laipply is hilarious. And yes, he did perform the Evolution of Dance for us. But he also spoke to us about happiness, and how we decide how happy we are with our lives. That we don't have control over everything, but we have control over most things. And that when we look back on life and we have regrets, well, we have no one to blame but ourselves. He had this one quote that just really spoke to me:

Life isn't always the party we hope for, but while we're here we might as well dance.

These conference teach me so much about myself. They allow me to step out of my comfort zone. It forces me out of my shyness and just allows me to go crazy and have fun.  I love meeting new people, talking to them and learning about them. We did this activity in small groups where we had to pantomime five things we like and everyone else had to guess. Two other people in this group ended up being writers too. And then I met this girl who used to live in my town but then moved to another town, and knows some of the people I know.

Most importantly, going to conferences reminds me that there's a world outside of my town. That there's people out there who are like me. And if I can find some common ground with all these people within my own state, I wonder what's out in the rest of the world.

Thank you MASC 2012. It's been real. And I cannot wait for summer camp, and MASC 2013 :D

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