Just Checking In & A Giveaway Announcement

Hey everyone! My past week has been crazy with makeup work and research papers and essays, so sorry that the intended schedule has been all funky lately. I also have standardized testing this week, which is no fun.

I haven't been able to finish a book in over a week. Though admittedly that has more to do with my new obsession with One Tree Hill than not having the time to read. Not going to lie, there will most likely be a blog post devoted to why I think One Tree Hill is so fantastic.

But, look out for my Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop post up later to night. There will be some fantastic books from my own shelf up for grabs, including titles by Maureen Johnson and Sarah Dessen. :)

AND lastly, I've been super active on tumblr lately, so if you want to check me out over there go here:

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