Looking Forward

Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe it's 2012. Wow. Time really flies... 2011 was great. But I'm hoping for an even better 2012! So far, plans are looking good. Some things that I'm looking forward to in this new year...

The Fault in our Stars-- John Green's new book is coming out January 10, and I don't remember the last time I was so excited for a book to come out. Even better... John and his brother Hank are touring. And they kick it off in Massachusetts. On January 10. AND I HAVE A TICKET. So, I'M MEETING JOHN AND HANK GREEN! Thinking about it makes me so excited. John is one of my writing heroes. And their videos always make my day. The event is going to be epic, with readings and discussions and Hank playing music. And meeting hundreds of other Nerdfighters. The Boston event sold out in like a week... it's going to be CRAZY there! I can't wait!!! 

Picture I took of the American Idiot sign in New York 
American Idiot-- The end of January, my best friend and I are going up to Boston to see the national tour of American Idiot for her birthday. I'm dying to see this show! And for those of you who watched/remember old Degrassi... Jake Epstein, who played Craig, is in it. I'm such a musical junkie, but this is my friend's first show. So that'll be exciting. There's nothing like seeing a show live.

Les Miserables-- In March, I'm seeing Les Mis up in Boston with my family. So, SO excited! Everything about this show is amazing. The music is beautiful, the story so powerful, the time era its set in epic.

Beauty and the Beast-- Then, lucky me gets to see Beauty and the Beast when it comes here in June! It's one of my all-time favorite Disney movies, and I've heard amazing things about the stage production. Seeing three musicals in a year is a dream come true for me...I'm lucky if I can get to one a year.

MASC Conferences/HOBY-- More conferences coming up that get me away from home for a few days and meeting new people! In March, I'm going for three days with 11 other kids on my student council and our amazing adviser. Then in June, I'm going to a three day HOBY conference held at a college. Only two kids in my school got picked for it, and it was me and my best friend. So that's exciting! Then July will be going back to MASC summer camp.

So, some exciting events to look forward to. What are you guys looking forward to this year?

Now here comes the Goals/Resolutions part of the post...

In 2012 I want to...
-Become a better more insightful blogger
-Beat my reading record. Just put up my new 2012 Goodreads challenge goal. 110.
-Finish Dancing Through Life once and for all
-Get a finished draft out of every started project
-Get my license
-Travel more (though I'm 16, so that's not really my decision to make)
-Volunteer more
-Get a summer job
-Make it through MCAS and score high
-Get to this summer with consistent high honors in school
-Have as much fun as possible

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Chen Yan Chang said...

Wow, awesome things coming up for you! Have fun! And happy new year!

Ramisa/Remy said...

I love your resolutions. :D
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