I Made John Green Laugh. Twice

I can die happily.

No, but seriously. What an amazing kick off event those Green brothers put together. I'm still like. Is this real life, did this actually happen? Yes. It did. And I have photographic evidence.

 John opened up with a reading.

 Hank played epic music.

 Hank as "The Yeti"

Me in front of the van of AWESOME. 

Okay, so the show alone was amazing.
There was readings and music and Q&As, and Hank sock even opened it up.
It's such an amazing experience, being around hundreds of Nerdfighters.
At my school, it's only me and my best friend.
So it was so nice being around people that you don't have to explain it all to.
We had the greatest conversations with random people sitting around us during the show and waiting in line.

The wait to meet them was very long.
But, oh so worth it.

Here's the play-by-play.

*Walk up to John*
John: "You're Marisa" (He personalized all of our books, which was so nice, considering how many people were there. So they had us spell our names on sticky notes to make things go faster.)

Me: Yes. Thank you so much for coming.

John: No, thank YOU

Me: I literally did Happy Dance X10,000 when I realized you were coming here

John: -insert laugh-

Me: But I kinda forgot that my computer was on my lap...so yeah that was interesting... (true story)

John: -insert more laughter-

Me: But seriously, I write too, and I only hope that I can write books like yours one day.

John: I do too. (this was the moment where I was like OMG. And almost teared up.)

And then he was all "Just keep writing" and I was like "I will." and I thanked him again and moved down the line to Hank.

Funny story, yesterday me & my Nerdfighter friend actually made our biology class watch Hank Green's video on blood. So I told him that. He asked what my teacher thought, and I was like. "She liked it...though she didn't really get the whole "Your Pants" thing." That made him and The Katherine laugh.

John Green signed and personalized Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherine's, and Paper Towns for me as well. Hank singed and hanklerfished the CDs I bought. And The Katherine also signed Hank's CD. And they all signed the poster that we got for coming.

Also they had everyone there sign a copy of TFIOS. They're doing this at all their tour stops. Who does this? Besides such awesome people.

It was such an amazing day. One that I will never forget.

AND. I just finished The Fault in our Stars an hour ago.... and OMG. I will try to write a coherent, spoiler free review at some point. Just holy amounts of laughing and sobbing....

Best Wishes.

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Qui said...

I'm so jealous. I'm so amazingly jealous.
Good for you though! that's super awesome!


Anonymous said...

That's epic, congrats!! I hope to meet my favorite authors and have a coherent conversation sometime. ;)

Rock on, girl!!

Marisa said...

Qui: It was such an amazing experience. And yes, Hanklerfish! Since Hank was there, everyone at the event got Hanklerfish :D :D

What I was more excited about was that John personalized all of my books, I didn't expect that. They were signing until 1 AM. They're so down to earth and humble about everything.

Paige said...

That's so awesome! I'm so glad you got to meet one of your favorite authors!
I am definitely reading his books now :)
Thanks for the comment on my dance video, by the way :D