November Wrap Up

November...where the heck did you go?
You flew by ridiculously fast. Seriously!

But that's okay. Because December is my favorite month of the year.
There's my birthday,
The holiday season,
And winter break

But not only was November a fast month, it was a surprisingly good month too.

I read seven books this month. 
Five of these books were 5-Star reads.
Book after book was just so GOOD!
That's why picking out a top three is so stinking hard.
So in no particular order, these are my top three reads

All three of these novels are extremely unique in their own totally different ways.
Dark Inside is an apocalypse where you can trust no one.
Obsidian has a sexy alien.
And Hushed is a dark/chilling contemporary. 
I loved and highly recommend all of them!

I had a fantastic month, writing wise.
I know all  you NaNoWriMo peeps cranked out your 50k
And my number is not nearly as impressive
But that amount of words is just not possible for me in November, 
what always seems to be one of the busiest months of them all.
I'm thinking there needs to be a JuNoWriMo? Yes, please.

Anyways, I worked exclusively on Dancing Through Life this month,
Crossing my fingers that the rewrite will get done in the next month. 
My total word count for November was...

I'm really proud of myself. 
I never expected to even get 10k done this month, 
So to get over that was such an accomplishment for me.

And also
I'm decided that I'm putting the rewrite up on InkPop tomorrow
I'm not really going for the top five again, 
but if it happens, DTL is so different now that it doesn't even matter
It's so true what they say about rewrites.
You don't realize how much you cut until you go back and look.

So look for that on December 2
Here is the pretty cover that Jelsa made for me :)

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Janiera said...

I'm jealous, I really wanted to read Hushed, it looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including HUSHED on your list! :) And huge congrats on the word count. Even if it's not the monster 50k of NaNoWriMo, it's still impressive. Good job!