Yes, I know I didn't post one last week.
But last week's word count was so much of a joke that it wasn't even worth posting.
Thank God for Thanksgiving break, that's all I'm saying. It's the only reason I got so much done!

Starting Word Count: 39,995
Ending Word Count: 46,034
Total Words Written: 6,039 --Yay! Most of this was written from Thursday-Saturday. Thank you, Thanksgiving.
Chapters Written: 14, 15, and half of 16
Favorite Line/Scene Written: Taken from Chapter 16. I was amused with Jake's attempted dance-speak.

Jumps. Turns. Kicks. I’m sure there are proper unpronounceable terms for Chloe movements, but I like to keep things simple. My knowledge about dance is next to nothing. I have two left feet. Yet—this girl has thrown me head first into the world of dance. Since she officially registered for the Showcase, all of her extra time is spent at the studio. So I end up there by default, spending entire Sundays watching her dance. And the thing is, I don’t even care.
“Damn it, this is all wrong!” Chloe throws her hands up in exasperation. She shuts off the music and runs through the blocking again. She does that sick turn thing where her leg keeps propelling her so it seems like she could spin around forever—a fouette I think she called it? How do you even pronounce that? More jumps and shorter, sharper, twisty things. She finishes in that middle split thing and I’m like how the hell does that not hurt?
“Shit,” she yells, slamming her tiny fists into the floor.
Oh yeah, Chloe gets quite violent while she’s dancing.
“Yeah, Chloe. You suck.”
The first time I witnessed a “this choreography is shit” lash out I told her that it looked good. She told me to get the hell out of her studio. Sarcasm, I’ve learned, works best in these situations.
“The second position jump is always a beat off. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”
I nod like I know what that is.
“And the rollover at the beginning is just awkward.”
“Maybe it’s the song?” I ask.
“It’s not John Mayer’s fault that I can’t choreograph this dance to save my life.”

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Paige said...

I can't wait to read these two new chapters! :D
I feel like that when I have to choreograph stuff, it just makes you want to rip your hair out!
Good job for getting a lot of it done!