For those of you who don't know the acronym above:
A) You should
B) It stands for National Finish a Draft of your Book I mean seriously come on Month

It's a John Green thing/Nerdfighter thing.
And if you don't know who John Green is...
Who are you?
He's an author (Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, The Fault in our Stars)
And he makes hilarious nerdtastic videos with his brother, Hank, on YouTube.
Basically, NaFADOYBIMSCOM is an alternative he created for NaNoWriMo
Where you finish a revision of a draft that you've already been working on.
I'm extending this month to two months
With a goal of having a complete rewritten draft of Dancing Through Life by January 1st 2012

For newer followers who don't know much about Dancing Through Life, it is the first book that I've ever written and finished. I began writing it summer 2009 and finished it that winter. It made July 2010 Top 5 on, and after I got my review, I put it away for a while to focus on other projects. I pulled the story back out this past summer, changed many significant aspects and totally rewrote it to the point where it's a new book. And here I am now, wanting to finally finish the rewritten draft.

Here's the original pitch. I'll probably write a new one, but this pitch actually still works:

Dancing Through Life
Chloe, a dancer who's mourning a loss + Jake, a gorgeous musician with a past + NYC = an unforgettable summer.

Chloe. Jake. To her, dancing was everything. It was the reason she woke up in the morning. To him, his guitar was his savior. It was how he coped with the abuse. She was mourning a tragedy. He needed to get away. When their lives crossed paths through summer music school, it changed them in ways they never thought possible. Jake learned that he had a choice when it came to his future. He didn’t have to be his father’s son. And Chloe realized that once the slippers were given to you, you had to put them on and just start dancing through life.

Starting Word Count: 34,876
Ending Word Count: 39,186
Total Words Written: 4,310 <--which is like astronomical for me for this time of year!
Chapters Written: Chapter 13 and the beginning of Chapter 14
Favorite Line/Scene Written: Taken from near the end of Chapter 13
“You believed her, didn’t you?” Jake asks.
“I—I didn’t know what to believe. I didn’t want to believe. But then I thought—gee, you know so much about me, and I barely know anything about you apart from the obvious, and I don’t know… I’m sorry.” The more I think about it, the truer it is. I spilled my soul. He knows about Ty. And hell, whether I’ll admit it or not, I know that Jake is the reason I’m dancing. And what do I know about him?
1.     He lives with his cousin.
2.      He’s a talented musician
3.     He has a younger sister (name unknown)
4.     New information: Had a summer fling with Alyssa
So in other words, next to nothing. It’s so strange, how you can feel like you know a person, but in all actuality, you know nothing about them at all. I don’t know Jake’s favorite color, or his favorite place in the world, or what food he hates, or why he even started playing music in the first place.
I want to know Jake.

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Paige said...

Best of luck with this, Marisa! be sure to send me it as you go along! I didn't know that acronym above, so I'm glad I do now! :p
Great post!