It's My Blogiversary!

Today, friends and followers is my one year blogiversary!
Okay, technically it was back in July, but I don't count that because I basically made the blog and then killed it. I started counting from my post titled "The Resurrection," which was the moment I began consistently posting.

Some stats:
The Writing Dancer
Established: November 6th 2010
Followers: 142
Page Views: 12,167
Posts: 155
World Stats: I have followers in the US, UK, Australia... and even in Germany, India, and Lithuania! That is so beyond cool!

Thank you so much to everyone who's supported my blog throughout the past year. It means the world to me that I have followers-turned-friends who care about what I have to say and keep returning to the blog. Here's to another year, where hopefully The Writing Dancer continues to grow and become even more successful!

Here is a little thank you video I made, with some future plans outlined.
Warning: I sing. 

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Hira said...

Happy Blogiversary!! =D I'm an old follower from Pakistan =)

Paige said...

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! *dances and throws confetti*
Marisa, are you crazy? You are an amazing singer! Like wow, that was really good!
You have the whole "dancers can't sing" syndrome going on huh? Another victim, right here haha. But you can actually sing, so you should be confident about it :)

A year of blogging goes fast! I felt like that on my blogiversary too. like woah.. it's been a year?

Evie and Laura are so amazing! Considering Evie did the one I have now, and I love it, and Laura is designing my new one which I'm going to get soon! I can't wait to see what she comes up with! And I'm so jealous of your design, I love it!
And aw, thanks for mentioning me! I'm glad I'm supportive to you :D I know right, why don't we live in the same city!? I swear, we'd be like best friends, we have so much in common! One day, I am going to have to meet you, definitely.

Keep it up with the book reviews, those are great! I always rely on what you and Evie say before buying a book. I'm not even kidding. Like before buying "Daughter of smoke and bone" I was like.. hmm.. Marisa loved it and so did Evie, so I'm buying it! And then if you guys give the book a bad review, that tells me something too haha! I was in B&N yesterday and I saw , "An Abundance of Katherines," and I was like.. Marisa loved that book.. maybe I should buy it.. :p

I always read your reviews, even if I don't comment on it.
You should definitely do more posts about writing, since you are so good at it! Vlogs/ book talk is great too! Life advice would also be cool!
Congrats on a successful year! Good luck in school. Chemistry sucks, I'm in that now too. Alg 2 gets easier, or it did for me, so does Bio. Spanish.. eh. Good luck!

Jenni Elyse said...

Happy Blogoversary! How exciting! :)

Evie J said...

Eep! How'd I miss this?! HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! And you're welcome, home skillet! Love ya, girlie! <3