Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

Since mankind began, civilizations have always fallen: the Romans, the Greeks, the Aztecs…Now it’s our turn. Huge earthquakes rock the world. Cities are destroyed. But something even more awful is happening. An ancient evil has been unleashed, turning everday people into hunters, killers, crazies. 

Mason's mother is dying after a terrible car accident. As he endures a last vigil at her hospital bed, his school is bombed and razed to the ground, and everyone he knows is killed. Aries survives an earthquake aftershock on a bus, and thinks the worst is over when a mysterious stranger pulls her out of the wreckage, but she’s about to discover a world changed forever. Clementine, the only survivor of an emergency town hall meeting that descends into murderous chaos, is on the run from savage strangers who used to be her friends and neighbors. And Michael witnesses a brutal road rage incident that is made much worse by the arrival of the police--who gun down the guilty party and then turn on the bystanding crowd.

Where do you go for justice when even the lawmakers have turned bad? These four teens are on the same road in a world gone mad. Struggling to survive, clinging on to love and meaning wherever it can be found, this is a journey into the heart of darkness – but also a journey to find each other and a place of safety.

What? How? Huh?
Some insight into my reaction after finishing Dark Inside. I just finished the read ten minutes ago, and I'm like, at a loss for words. I don't really know what to say. I've been dying to read this book since forever. Because I know Jeyn. I met her on InkPop forever ago, and had the privilege of reading bits of this story before she even had her contract. So, I expected this to be good. I'm not going to lie, usually I try not to go into a book with any expectations, but I had high expectations for this book. And Dark Inside definitely met my expectations.

The premise is both unique and horrifying. Disturbing yet gripping. I flew through this book, and literally could not put it down. The only reason I finished it this morning is because Dark Inside is not a book you want to fall asleep thinking about. Talk about mega nightmares. It's a world gone mad, in every sense of the word. And usually I can predict outcomes fairly well, and while I did predict a couple things, for the most part this book had me in the dark. I felt like I was there with the characters. I couldn't even decide which characters were trustworthy at one point. Every single page is filled with an event equally as horrific as the previous page. And I couldn't stop reading. All I know, is that if I were a character in Dark Inside, I'd so be dead.

Jeyn's writing is fantastic. It's gritty, while still being deep. I've said that there a rare few third person books that belong on my favorite shelf. Dark Inside is one of them. In fact, I can't imagine the book being written any other way. It was so well done. The descriptions of the horrors, the depth of the characters. So. so. good. Because really, Dark Inside is four separate stories that merge into one effortlessly. And Jeyn managed to pull it off.

The book is told from third person with four character perspectives. Mason, Aries, Clementine, and Micheal.  Each one's location varies from the middle of the United States to Vancouver. And despite the consent jumping all over the place, I never felt lost or confused. And I found myself unable to pick favorites. Each person's story was equally compelling. They've all been through so much, and are doing what they can to survive. If I had anything to complain about, I wish that these characters could have found each other sooner in the novel. But the way Jeyn did it sets up for an epic sequel.

Actually, I do have a favorite. The voice of Nothing made the book for me. It was so incredible. That was the only part of the book written in first person, and by the end the reader is able to infer who Nothing is. Those sections that kept popping up throughout the book were my favorite. My favorite lines, and the most poignant ones to me were in the scattered passages that were Nothing. Just. Wow.

Dark Inside is a fantastic read, beyond worthy of my favorite shelf. What a debut! I seriously got scared at parts while I was reading it. This is probably not the most articulate or best reviews I've ever written. It's just that...my brain is kind of frazzled right now. The ending! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT AT LEAST A YEAR FOR THE SEQUEL?! UNFAIR.

I'm just going to end it with this.
Read Dark Inside.
Just Do it.


Paige said...

Glad you liked this, I'm excited to read it!

LisaILJ said...

Wow, I didn't think I was going to have time to read this one, but you made it sound so good! Thanks for the review.