Being a Dancer: The Injuries

Last night I was in my comp jazz class. Our song is "Party Time," such an upbeat, energetic song. I love the dance so far, and last night was the first time I was consistently landing the tricky double turn my teacher threw in. All was well.

Then there's this part of the song where the music slows down, and we do a fan kick. I LOVE fan kicks. And I was so in the zone, and it seemed like I was kicking higher than I ever have. All was well.

Then I stop dancing. My hip feels a little weird. But nothing really concerning. Class was over, so I walked out to my car, noticing that pain in my hip again. I thought it was nothing to worry about.

I get home. I get out of my car and it's like a bomb exploded in my hip and I'm like HOLY SHIT. I limp up to my bedroom, holding back tears. But then it's like soon enough I'm used to the pain. I carry about the rest of my night normally, wincing regularly. I assumed that when I woke up this morning, it'd be fine.

It wasn't.

I didn't go to school today. And it takes a lot for me to skip a day of school. The pain in my right hip is insane. I've kept my leg elevated, put a heating pack on it, and it seems to be doing better. I'm going to my chiropractor later today, so I hope that will help.

I've never felt this much pain from dancing before.
I've heard stories of people hurting themselves, and then whatever leg it happens to becomes insanely flexible...I hope that's the case for me.

I just don't want to be limping tomorrow. It's ugly sweater day at my school for spirit week, my favorite day of the year. And I have three tests. And my friend is coming home with me, and we're supposed to be going off to Leigh Fallon's book signing. So I just really want to get better.

Dancers, what kind of injuries have you had over the years, if any? Have you had anything like this?

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Quinn said...

I hope you get better so you can dance. :( I would hate it if I had an injury that would put me out of dance, even for a few weeks.

Amaranthine said...

I hope you get better soon. I have minor injuries all the time, (pulled leg muscles, etc.)

But last year I had a really bad injury in my tailbone so I couldn't sit down. It was a lot of pain but I still went to dance although I skipped part of the floor warm up. I got better by just soaking injured area in warm water.

Maybe you should try hot water, or go see a doctor?

Marisa said...

@Quinn & Amaranthine: Thanks so much. An update, I went to my chiropractor and I'm feeling a lot better. Not all the way, but I can walk now :)

Paige said...

Aw, that really sucks Marisa! I hope you are feeling better and aren't limping too badly. I LOVE FANKICKS TOO! We also do them in our Jazz dance, and in my first school dance team dance, we also do one :)

The only major injurty I got is when i was little I was doing an ariel and I landed a weird way on my hand, and sprained my wrist. But other than that, just tons of pulled muscles, bruises, and just being sore. But I love being sore after dance because it means you worked hard!
Anyway, hope you feel better and have fun at the book signing!