Ask Me Anything!

Have any questions for me? Serious questions or silly questions, ask me anything! They can be completely random, or as simple as what my favorite color is! Any school/writing/reading/dancing/blogging questions for me? Am I really a muggle o.O? Anything you want to know, I will be answering on Saturday, in the form of a video blog.

The only rule for this is please, keep the questions appropriate :)

Seriously, this won't be a fun video unless you ask me stuff! So don't hesitate! I want tons of questions! :D

My friend Paige over at The 828 did this over at her blog, and I'm totally snagging this idea from her. :)

I can't wait to answer your questions! Get asking :D !

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Paige said...

Yay for you snagging the idea!

Here are my questions-

1. How did you come up with the idea for Dancing Through Life?

2. When did you first discover your love for reading?

3. (Stealing this question from you) Pick one all time favorite book that hasn't been mentioned in a Favorites Friday video and talk a little about it :)

Anonymous said...

1. What book are you working on right now? Like, what's your main focus?
2. Any new ideas you haven't told us?
I think this is a really cool idea, guys!

Roxy said...

Such a cool idea! Here are my questions:
1. Do you know another word for thesaurus?
2. If you could sit down with an author and talk about their book, which author would it be?

Amyrose♥Forder said...

What is your fave school sunject and why? :)