"Ask Me Anything" Video Response

Thanks for all the awesome questions! Hope you enjoy the video :)

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Evie J said...


And baha! at your pyramid answer!!!

Evie J said...

And dag nabbit! You've got the DOO DOOO DODODOO manamana song in my heeaddd!

Paige said...

I loved all your answers! I am def going to have to read that book now... that prologue.. oh my gosh... *goes to add in to-read list.*

HAHAHAH YOU WANTED ME TO HATE YOU! xD I actually loved that question because it was a no brainer with me :p That's cool how you got the idea for DTL! Wow, I read the Junie B Jones series and Charlotte's Web too! I loved both of those! I used to read a lot of Judy Blume books too.
You're lucky you get to do creative writing in English, I've only got to do it once. Other than that all we do is essays. Ugh.
I HATE THE COLOR ORANGE TOO! I was thinking.. "I hope she says orange..." and then you did! Haha! I cracked up at your pyramid answer! :P Great Vlog! Love ya Marisa!

Marisa said...

@Evie: LOL

@Paige: Jellicoe Road is amaaaazing!

I read Judy Blume too...and another big one for me was the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary

*Hi fives* Ew to orange!

Anonymous said...

So, Junie B. Jones was in kindergarten when I was in kindergarten.
She's now in first grade, and I'm about to graduate... :P

Marisa said...

@Laura: LOL! The only reason I remember reading Junie B. Jones in Kindergarten was because her first 1st grade book came out when I was in first grade! :P