Way too excited for Bloodlines!

My lack of posting in the past couple days--whether it be book reviews or just posts in general has everything to do with me sweeping myself back into the world of Vampire Academy in preparation of Bloodlines. Right now I'm on book four, Blood Promise and am still amazed at how well these books are written. Richelle Mead truly has some of the best characterization I've ever seen.

I can't believe it comes out in a week! The wait is finally almost over! I'm so beyond excited for this book. I cannot wait to see where Richelle Mead takes this brilliant series. It's told from Sydney, a human alchemist's, POV. This is so interesting to me because she is the polar opposite of Rose, so I cannot wait to see how this narration compares.

Also, it seems that we're going to be getting more Adrian in this book! Squeeee! I felt so bad for him by the end of Last Sacrifice, I hope he gets his happy ending.

A lot of people seem to be skeptical of this series, and are already comparing it to VA and think that it won't be as good. Me, personally? I will read anything Richelle Mead writes, and I'm sure this series will be just as fantastic, in a completely different way that VA is fantastic.

And who isn't excited for some Rose/Dimitri appearances?

VA fans, are you excited for Bloodlines? How do you think it'll be?

And if you haven't read VA yet... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? READ IT NOWWWW!

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Paige said...

I decided I'm going to read this one too! Woo!