A Video Blog on the Perfect Chemistry books by Simone Elkeles

Truth: this video was supposed to be longer and more in-depth than it is. My mom came in seriously right as I was making it and told me we had to leave. I figured I'd finish it later but then it was night and it would've been awkward. I had enough material to put this together though. At least you get a small sense of my love for this series :)

If I didn't just bore you to death, and if you want, I could do another video blog discussing more about each book specifically, like I planned to this time around. I'll talk more plot and characters, whereas this was more of a general gushing, haha. Just let me know in the comments if I haven't already persuaded you enough to read this series!

I'm hoping to turn posts like these into a weekly segment called "Favorites Friday" where each week I will feature a new book or series--vlog style. Let me know what you think!

Hope you enjoyed!

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Paige said...

Great Vlog! You started a vlogging trend Marisa haha! I hope other bloggers start to do it too.
I read the first book, Perfect Chemistry. I kinda liked it, maybe I'll read the other ones some day!

You should def do the Favorites Friday thing, that would be really cool. I think I know one for your next video.. *cough* *Vampire* *Cough* *Academy*

Your hair looks really pretty also :D

Marisa said...

Paige: Haha! Of course I'll be doing one on Vampire Academy... Duh! :D

And thanks about the hair, haha! I just got one of those curling wand things... They're awesome :)


The Divine Writer said...

I liked it! :) do more! And read the "Private" series. It's SO good!

Paige said...

@Marisa- I'm going to do another one on Sunday :D It'll be an interactive thing, I'll post about it on Wednesday.
I'll look forward to your Vlog about Vampire Academy! That's awesome, it always takes me like an hour to curl mine so I always just straighten it haha.

@Jen- I heard that series was good, I'm going to read it someday!