Oh, School.

School has began. Waking up at six am and hours worth of homework and extracurriculars now consume my time. Summer, I miss you already. It feels like I was just blogging about starting my freshman year, and now I'm already a sophomore. Whoa!

See, I don't actually mind school once I'm there. It's the getting there that's the problem. I HATE waking up. I always start off waking up at like 5:30... and then it gets progressively later throughout the year where by the end I'm up at 6:15 and rushing out the door. Does anyone else have this problem? :P

And ugh, I'm dreading the work already. School without the homework would be fantastic. I just want to shut myself in my room when I get home and read and write, but alas, there is much homework to be done. It doesn't help all the honors classes I'm taking... I already have to do a lab report tonight. My schedule is intense.

A US History I HON
B English II HON
C Spanish III HON
D Chemistry HON
E Biology HON
F Gym
G Algebra II HON

Yes. I know. So. Many. Honors. Classes.

My history teacher seems cool, like a really good teacher. You know how with some you just know right off the bat? I already like my English teacher too! As you guys probably know, there's nothing more important to me than a good english teacher...and she seems awesome. And the whole theme this year for english is fear, so right off the bat we're doing horror short stories. Epic. I have the same spanish teacher as last year, and I LOVE her. I know the chemistry teacher from student council. The bio teacher has that dry sarcastic sense of humor. And Algebra II seems like it'll be good.

The one class I am NOT looking forward too is gym. First off it's gym. Secondly, now I'm mixed in with upperclassmen and there's only four sophomores in my class. None of which are my friends. And as we all know, gym is no fun unless you have someone to suffer through the pain with. But it's only until January so I suppose I'll survive.

Luckily, I have good friends in all of my other classes. One of the perks of taking all those grueling honors courses? You're not with those horrible kids all day. For the most part, you're with kids who care about their grades and don't screw around as much.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it. :P

What are your feelings on school? What classes are you taking?

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Paige said...

Good luck this year Marisa! Like I said before, Alg 2 and Biology were actually pretty fun classes. Some stuff is hard and some easy, but I'm sure you'll ace everything!

I HATE CHEMISTRY!!! AND SPANISH! Spanish 3 was okay, some stuff was hard, there are so many verb tenses and it drives me MAD! I'm in 4 now and I don't know how I'm going to survive.

Chemistry.. I'm already confused. It's going to be a rough class for me. I'm sure you'll be fine though. I bet you're like a rocket scientist.

I love my english teacher this year too! She read the hunger games and loved it, which I thought was awesome. She actually has a sense of humor, and she's making us write a story instead of an essay for once! Woo! I'd love to do horror fiction or whatever you said, that'd be fun. All we ever do is essays.

That's the main thing I hate about school as well, waking up. I just dread it every single day. I wake up at 5 :30 also. gah.
Good luck this year :)

Marisa said...

Paige: Aha, thanks!

I actually have always really liked Spanish... I've always had great teachers and it's caught on pretty easy for me. Though, towards the end of last year THAT IMPERFECT TENSE DROVE ME CRAZY!

LOL, a rocket scientist I am not, that's for sure.

Yay for good english teachers! For me, I really feel that I can get by all year, despite everything else, as long as I have a good english teacher. I can suffer through the rest as long as I'm enjoying my favorite class.

Zoey Talbon said...

Why in the world are you taking Chemistry AND Biology? O___O You psycho. I'm taking Chem this year, too, but that's because I took Bio last year.

Marisa said...

Zoey: I had the option to double, and I took it because even though Chem is a junior class, I've heard it's easier than bio, and I already know the teacher from student council. The goal is to get this stuff done so I can start AP next year. Yes, I am aware that I'm a psycho. xD

At least I have lunch in between, so it's not like two hours straight. That'd be awful.