The Hills Are Alive

I spent the beginning of my week up in Vermont. Now, normally I'm a beach goer, preferring the ocean to the mountains. That might have to do with the fact that the beach is five minutes away, while this was a 4.5 hour car ride. But I can't deny how pretty it is, and how peaceful it is when you're up there.

So I thought I'd post some pics I took throughout the week. I know everyone loves pictures :D

We went to Von Trapp Family Lodge on our way home. My family loves The Sound of Music, so we knew we had to see it. Look at how pretty the mountains are!

The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory was the cutest place ever! But dang, those teddy bears were expensive. They're all handmade, and we took a tour at the factory. At the end there was this model showing the bears move from factory to warehouse to UPS truck. I thought it was super cute!

I call this one Dr. McDreamy Bear

LOL this cracks me up. Just about died when I saw it. My seven and ten year old cousins didn't get why I was laughing so hard....


Me, my sister, and my cousins. In bear form.

Pretty Vermont-ness

That face xD

There were giant spoons hanging from the trees....

And obviously we had to go to the original Ben and Jerry's

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Paige said...

Glad you had a nice time! I like the beach more than the mountains too. I actually went to a Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop today when we went shopping! That ice cream is amazing! Haha, those bears are so funny. I used to love making those build-a-bears.

Your comment on my blog cracked me up! I'm so excited to read all those books. Yes, I have read Fixing Delilah, Sarah Ockler is wonderful!

Marisa said...

Paige: Haha! I will be here when you need someone to talk Vampire Academy with! :D