My First Vlog

I totally did this on a whim... I thought it would be fun.
Let me know what you think. Should I make this a weekly thing? Not necessarily always about books, just in general xD
People said they wanted to hear my voice... was it what you expected? I know I'm always way off in my head when I picture people's voices. Haha!

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The Divine Writer said...

this was awesome! :) I have never vlogged before but I think I might have to! :) I think you did a great job, but just a suggestion, maybe flip the camera view horizontal so when the books come up we can read the titles from left to right. My Windows program for my webcam can do that.
Great job!

Paige said...

Woah! That is not how I imagined your voice at all! Great video! The vlogs are a great idea!

AHH! Going Bovine! That is one amazing read! It is really confusing, and hilarious like you said. The characters are great and they do make you think about life. Hope you like it!

Also, I'm working on my guest post now and that should be emailed to you very soon! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL I agree with Paige, that's not how I would have imagined your voice at all! It's so funny to hear people's voices, isn't it?

And "Going Bovine"... first, I just gotta say I own all of Libba Bray's novels and she is one of my all-time favorite authors. That said, I really enjoyed "Going Bovine"! I mean, there was a bunch of profanity, but it was also fantastic and I LOVED the ending. It's kind of dark, I guess, but also very good. I can't wait to hear what you think!

I agree, by the way, about WWII-era and the Holocaust... I'm always on the lookout for books set in that time period, it's fascinating to me. So I'm interested to hear your opinion on that book, since I've never read it!

I've never done a vlog, but now I'm thinking I'll have to try one. ;) Great idea, discussing books - though personally I just love the library, it's like my second home and I love library books (unless they smell overpoweringly like cigarette smoke ;).

But now I should probably wind up this extra long comment... ;)

Paige said...

You've inspired me.. now I'm considering doing one haha :p I just don't know what to do a vlog about.. hmm

Evie J said...

GAH!!! Your voice is so cute!!! You sound sooooo different from how I thought. haha! Dang, I should do one of these...haha! I really want to read Jellicoe Road. I have it, but I haven't read it. Need to move it up on the list!

Marisa said...

What a day, first I inspire people to post their crappy first chapters, and now I'm inspiring vloggers! Woo! You guys should definitely all try it. I want to hear what you sound like!

@Paige: It's actually easier than you think to come up with topics.

You guys are making me even more excited to read Going Bovine!

@Evie: Yes! Bump up Jellicoe Road!

I'm seriously considering making this a weekly thing...

Marisa said...

And BTW I fixed the audio lag problem. So woo!

Amanda said...

You would adore the library I work at. :D We are nice and straight, and the books are clean and gorgeous... ;)
And, we have this awesome YA section - seriously, I see all these books that I hear about online there. Pretty awesome.