Bermuda is:

Freaking gorgeous! What an amazing island. And such a fun week! I went on a Boston to Bermuda Cruise through Norwegian Cruise Line. Since it was straight out of Boston, no flying was involved, which was fantastic!
The Cruise part was awesome. Great food. Fun activities. And the entertainment was AMAZING. The production cast could've been on Broadway. They had a show called Bollywood and the dancing was incredible. A magician from Vgas had a show one night, and there was a comedian who was freaking hilarious.
Bermuda itself was amazing. The color of the water was beautiful. Though I feel kind of jipped when it comes to the pink sand beaches. I didn't see no pink sand beaches! We went to Horseshoe Bay, and the sand had tiny pink particles in it, but I was expecting legit pink sand.
But you wanna know what WAS pink? The buses:
Incase you didn't know, Bermuda is British Territory. Meaning that the cars drove on the other side of the road. And the steering wheels are on the opposite side of the car. It's so weird! And those buses were crazy! Does Bermuda have a speed limit? There were so many sharp turns, I was convinced we were going to crash into something. And being on the other side of the road threw everything off too.
After it all, I got a sweet T-shirt that says "I Survived the Pink Bus."

As well as a pink bus piggy bank that totally matches my room xD.
But anyways, here are a few more pictures:
I'm a sucker for good scenery pictures.
Gorgeous, eh? I love that there houses are pink and teal and orange. So pretty!
Palm trees!
The wheel is on the wrong side of the car xP
The water is sparkling :D
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Evie J said...

GAH!!! That sounds so awesome!!! Glad you had a great time! I probably would have freaked out on the buses. haha!

And me and Laura still have to make your layout! Haha!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a great time!

...but I agree, the wheels on the "wrong" side of the car would be so disorienting! I'd go to sit in the passenger seat and end up in the driver's. ;) LOL

Welcome back!

Marisa said...

@Evie: Haha! It was pretty freaky at times!

And I can't wait to see what you guys do with my layout! I know it's gonna rock! :D

@Taylor: Thanks! Yeah, the car thing is weird. I HAD to get a picture of it, LOL!

Paige said...

Ahg! I wish I was there right now! It looks so nice and warm! Glad you had a good time!