Bermuda Baby!

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm going to be MIA for the next week. I'm leaving today for a Bermuda cruise! Woo, I'm pretty excited! I haven't been on a cruise in years. I've been on three Disney Cruise throughout the Caribbean, which were amazing, but the last one I went on was in fifth grade.
I'm so pumped for the sun and pools and beaches and (trying) to get tan :D
One thing that's semi-annoying is the total lack of communication with the outside world. No cell phones, because they charge a ridiculous amount of money to use it. I think there might be WiFi on the ship, but I'm pretty sure you have to pay to use that too... which is a no.
This place won't be completely empty for the week... I have a couple posts pre-scheduled. Though I don't have the wits or creativity to come up with anything incredible on the fly... look out for a couple of my short stories.
I'm going to be very social media deprived.
Talk to you all when I get back!
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Anonymous said...

Have an AWESOME time, Marisa! :D