Hello, Past Me

This is the funniest thing ever! Last year, on June 2nd 2010, I found futureme.org, a website where you can write a letter to yourself, and they'll email you on a specified date. I totally forgot about this! I thought it'd be fun to post and respond to.

Dear FutureMe,  Hey there future me! I'll bet you that a year from now when you open this,  you'll be all confused 
and totally forget all about me.
Yes, I totally did. 
I hope you had an awesome summer '10 filled with beaches, friends, and burning  to a crisp 
(we both know you don't tan well.) 
Just remember you're sunscreen, we  do NOT want to get skin cancer someday! 
Mission accomplished.
So you're finishing up freshman year. I hope it's been awesome. Has the amount of homework killed you yet? 
Probably. Did you make it through alive reading the  hobbit last summer? Probably not. 
Did you totally figure out your science fair  project and ace it? I hope.
Were the honors classes as difficult as people said  they were. Hopefully not. 
Though The Hobbit was horrific, I'm still alive. Science fair was a success... Classes not TOO bad. 
How was dance this year? Did competition go well? Are you student teaching? 
I hope you made the high school dance team!
Competition rocked! Not student teaching... it's a sore subject :\
Hopefully chorus for you is better than it was for me this year. 
I really hope  you made concert choir and went to New York. I bet you had a blast if you did!
No concert choir. It's cool though because it's mostly an upperclassmen thing. 
But chorus rocked. New York was amazing! It was a great show and just a great time overall!
You were in the musical, right? You better have been. I didn't expect you to get  a lead or anything, 
considering you're only a freshman year. But every small  part counts! And I bet you had a blast with 
all your old friends.
No, I wasn't. Don't get mad at me! Rehearsals were everyday, and it just didn't fit in with dance.
I hope this year you found a best friend. You know, someone who you're always  with, and you can tell 
everything to. They alway said high school is where you make your best friends, so that better be true 
for you! I hate being in this  weird friend funk - where like I talk to all these people, and they seem 
like  they're your best friend at school. But you barely ever do anything outside of  the school. I hope 
you're more social then I am.
Mission accomplished. It was a solid year.
How's Dancing Through Life doing? By now it'll be close to two year since you've  started it! Crazy, eh? Congrats 
on being an Inkpop top pick! (as I'm assuming  you are by now.) I hope you're HarperCollins review was fantastic! 
I wonder if  you're finished by now. I hope WTPOL get's developed further, it seems  promising.
I did make top pick wahoo! I got a harsh, but semi-helpful review. It made realize that I totally needed to rework the 
story, so now I'm in rewrite mode, and I changed a ton of things!
I know you have plenty of time to decide what you want to do, but writing does seem to be your niche, eh? It's funny, 
remember how we used to groan over the  meer mention of a five paragraph essay? Now we're writing 57,000 word and 
counting novels. It's crazy.  On your fifteenth birthday, you BETTER have walked around all day singing  fifteen by Taylor Swift. 
If not, your fifteen and a half is coming up soon, so  do it then.
Oh, I did :P
Did you accomplish your goal of reading 100 books in 2010? You dork!
Nope, I only hit 74. But I will make it this year! 
You better have gotten in shape last summer! That was my goal for you. Bike  rides every day. Maybe a jog once in awhile. 
Hopefully Mom will finally let me  use the tredmill. (I don't know why she thinks I'll break it. If anything,  Vanessa would.)
Haha, right....
Are there any cute boys that you're crushing on? There must be. In high school  you're not limited to the stupid boys you've 
known since Kindergarten. Who is  it?
Pshhhh... no ;P
Whatever you do, DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT overwhealm yourself. I know you  want to do everything, but the fact is, you can't. 
Pick and choose. You need  some down time, you know.  In fact, you probably won't listen to me and you're probably stressed out as 
we  speak. With finals and recital coming up, things are always crazy during this  part of the year. Just stay calm, future me. Deep 
breaths. It's okay! In conclusion, you better have kicked some butt this year, and are tentatively  awaiting Summer 2011.   
Your friend, Past me :]

It's crazy to look at this and see how much I've changed as a person this past year. I lol'd quite a few times. I love this program, and I think I'm going to have to make it an annual thing!


Paige said...

This is cool! I'm going to do one of these :)

Jedi~Chick said...

I'm totally going to do one of these things.....and then post about it like you did! Great job! ;) Cool blog too Marisa! ;)

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I really need to check out that website. :) Thanks for letting me know about it! :)