Costume Time!

We're going to take a break for the normal Wednesday post today, for a little costume time!

Since I know that many readers of my blog are dancers as well, (I'm convinced that there's some secret connection with dancing and writing) I thought you might like to see my costumes. I know I love seeing other's costumes!

This is my competition jazz costume, and definitely one of my favorites this year. It's so pretty, and in real life it's sparkly too! We also have this pretty pink flower that goes in our hair. The song is "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez

This is my advanced intermediate jazz costume. The hat is my favorite part! The song is a Brittany Spears Medley that includes the songs "Hit Me Baby One More Time",
"Oops I did it Again", "Stronger", and "Crazy".

I LOVE this costume! It's my competition tap, and the song is "I Saw Her Standing There" by the Beatles. It's one of my favorite dances that I'm in as well.

This is the tap costume for my other class. It's to "Stuff Like That There" by Bette Midler. HOLY SHORT, I know. And tight. And orange. I just really wish it wasn't orange....

This is lyrical, for "I Want it that Way" by the Backstreet Boys. It's so flowy and pretty, and it looks wicked awesome when we to turns.

This is competition hip hop, to an 80s remix. It's pretty basic, a bright red sweatsuit. But it looks good and keeps things uniform on stage. And you need that when there's close to 40 girls in one dance!

And this is another hip hop costume. I'm sorry, but I just don't like it at all. It's so unflattering and uncomfortable. But there's always going to be that ONE COSTUME I suppose...

Recital weekend for me is June 18th & 19th. I practically live at the school where the recital is that weekend, as I'm in multiple numbers in all four shows. I'm most excited for the opening number. It's a five minute long Michael Jackson Medley with the competition kids. It's the sickest dance ever. I love it!



Paige said...

Love them! The pink tap costume and the orange tap are my favorites, the let's get loud one is really cool too! I LOVE that song!

Qui said...

The orange one is my favorite!!! It's so flippin' cute! :))
I have dress rehearsal tonight. :D I would have taken pictures of my costumes already, but they don't let us take them home until after the recitle. *siigh*

Elanor Lawrence said...

Wow, you're in a lot of dances! I must say I love the gloves on the competition tap costume. The purple dress is also super cute. :) I was just in one dance class this year, but it was musical theatre which means we also get our own two hour long musical which had ten big dance numbers in it. There was one set in a school's detention, so I had to wear skinny jeans... that was 'fun'... :P

A Backwards Story said...

I loved seeing all your dancing costumes! The purple one is my favorite (I love purple). So cute!!!

Are you looking forward to upcoming fall debut novels AUDITION by Stasia Ward Kehoe and BUNHEADS by Sophie Flack? I'm not a dancer, but even I am! :)