Woo! Completed First Draft of WIP!

This post so couldn't wait until WIP Wednesday

So, everyone, my big spring break goal was achieved. I COMPLETED THE ROUGH DRAFT OF PERFECTION IS MY ENEMY! Wooooo! *throws confetti*

I was so stuck on it for the longest time. Actually, I think it was since my last school break in February. Then, last Saturday, I'm not sure what hit me, but I wrote like a maniac all week. Early on, I never expected to finish it... but as the week went on, and the words weren't giving up, I started thinking I could.

My total word count this spring break week wracked in at 22, 488 words. (Holy whoa, my eyes bulged out just typing that.) And the total word count of the book rings in at just over 68k.

And now I have a finished MS. My second finished MS. I'm already reworking the story in my head... cutting unnecessary scenes, adding more development to some characters, taking out unnecessary characters. But I really feel that this story has tons of potential. My first draft writing was miles better than DANCING THROUGH LIFE's was.

I have such a good feeling about this book, and I can't believe it's completed! I can't wait to continue working on it! Whoot!



Munch said...

Congratulations! Is it on Inkpop?