Waiting on Wednesday (2)

Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

I was fortunate enough to read the first few chapters of Dark Inside back when it was on InkPop, where I met and became friends with Jeyn. And let me just tell you, I am dying to read more. The writing style, the action, everything is gripping right from the start. I know this book is going to be HUGE when it's released, and I will be counting down the days!

Don't know what Dark Inside is about? Well, here's the goodreads blurb:

Since mankind began, civilizations have always fallen: the Romans, the Greeks, the Aztecs…Now it’s our turn. Huge earthquakes rock the world. Cities are destroyed. But something even more awful is happening. An ancient evil has been unleashed, turning everday people into hunters, killers, crazies.

Mason's mother is dying after a terrible car accident. As he endures a last vigil at her hospital bed, his school is bombed and razed to the ground, and everyone he knows is killed. Aries survives an earthquake aftershock on a bus, and thinks the worst is over when a mysterious stranger pulls her out of the wrecka
ge, but she’s about to discover a world changed forever. Clementine, the only survivor of an emergency town hall meeting that descends into murderous chaos, is on the run from savage strangers who used to be her friends and neighbors. And Michael witnesses a brutal road rage incident that is made much worse by the arrival of the police--who gun down the guilty party and then turn on the bystanding crowd.

Where do you go for justice when even the lawmakers have turned bad? These four teens are on the same road in a world gone mad. Struggling to survive, clinging on to love and meaning wherever it can be found, this is a journey into the heart of darkness – but also a journey to find each other and a place of safety.

Epic, right? Dark Inside has been described as taking on a genre of it's own, and I'm so anxious to get my hands on a copy of it this fall.

Dark Inside is being released in the UK on September 2nd, 2011, and in the USA November 1st, 2011.

God, November feels so far away right now! :P



Elanor Lawrence said...

I absolutely cannot wait for this book. It's exactly the kind of thing I love to read, and written by a fellow inkie! I virtually never pre-order books,but I might make and exception for Dark Inside.

Marisa said...

Elanor: Totally agreed! This book is right up my ally, and November cannot come fast enough! :D