Fiction Friday: The Phantom of the Opera

I'm currently reading The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. The high suspense drama and stunning prose is making this book quite an enjoyable read. Being written in 1912, I expected it to be a hard read, but it's surprisingly easy to follow.

This book has a bit of a personal backstory, so this post will be a little different than future fiction fridays.
I've been a die-hard phantom fan since I was eight years old and I saw the movie. I found it fascinating, as opposed to creepy like I think any other eight year old would have. My parents are both huge Phantom fans, and have seen the musical multiple times.

That next summer, when I was nine, my family and family friends went on what was my first trip to NYC, where we saw Phantom. Even though it was six years ago, I still remember so much of that trip. It was in that moment that I fell in love with New York City. I remember walking down the streets, holding my mom's hand, just staring up at the buildings.

At one point we went into Phantom gift shop, filled with everything you can possibly imagine. Basic things like T-Shirts and Magnets, all the way to the rose and the mask. But none of these things particularly interested me. Nope, little nine year old me wanted the book.

Only, when I got the back, nine year old me was SO disappointed. In my mind, the book was supposed to be EXACTLY like the movie. That plus big vocabulary that I didn't understand is what made me put the book down after no more than thirty pages.

After my New York trip last week, I've been on a Phantom fix, constantly listening to the music. And I decided that I want to try the book again. And right now I'm LOVING it. What a fantastic read it is! This is classic gothic at its best.