An Award? For Me?

My first blogger award, wahoo!
Paige over at awarded me this:

So apparently I'm stylish ;)
Anyways, thanks Paige! I met Paige through InkPop and she's been such a huge supporter of my writing, especially Dancing Through Life. Might have to do with the fact that we're both dancers. :) Anyways, you rock! I'm honored :D

So, seven things about me. Hmm...

1) I've been dancing since I was three years old.

2) Confession: I wasn't the biggest fan of writing or English class for the longest time. I mean, I enjoyed making up my own stories well enough, but those assignments were rare, and the teachers I had were so boring. In seventh grade I had the most amazing English teacher, who is definitely the reason I fell in love with writing. If it weren't for her, I have no clue how I'd be spending my same time.

3) I can't start something without finishing it. People say that they have a lot of abandoned projects they haven't touched in ages. I had a completed rough draft of DTL in five months. Needless to say, it was horrible, but I could still say I finished a book.

4) I'm Vice President of my class.

5) I'm sentimental and tend to have a tough time throwing things away.

6) I love to travel. My life goal is to visit every single state and set foot on every continent (well, maybe not Antarctica :P) Dream vacation would be to Australia (I have an unhealthy obsession with it.) I also want to travel all throughout Europe.

7) I love musicals and Broadway and everything about Times Square and New York City. (Well, apart from the rude people and the traffic.)

Now for passing on this award. I give the stylish blog award to:
1) Laura (
2) Kristia (
3) YAtopia (
4) Zoey (though I do miss that monkey layout! LOL) (
5) Erika- considering it's ACTUALLY fashion blog. With the cutest stuff too! (



Paige said...

You're welcome Marisa! I was going to notify you about this but you found out I awarded it to you yourself haha.
Can't wait to read more DTL!

Converse said...

Awesome! We got the same award from Paige too! Paige is extremely nice and it is really cool that you got this award also.

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