WIP Wednesdays: Word Count and Goals (1)

Hey everyone! This is the first "Work-in-Progress Wednesday's" post, a spot where I can focus on my projects, and any updates I may have.

At the moment, I have four WIPs. Some are focused on more than others, and there are two specifically that I'm really focusing on.

Dancing Through Life- My first novel ever, the only one I have a completed draft of, and I'm still sticking with it. Now, with some tips from my HarperCollins review, and using my own intuition, I'm totally redefining book. I'm making major plot changes, cutting out overdramatized scenes, adding substance to the characters.

I began the edit March 5th, and am currently 10,688 words into the draft. The ideal word count I have in mind, based on my other drafts, is around 70k. Depending on how the writing goes, my goal is to have this draft day by my last day of school, June 20th. (Yes, we are paying for all those snow days...)

Besides DTL, I'm really making progress with Expiration Date, my dystopian/action. The basic premise is about living in a world where everybody knows the day the day i.e. their expiration date. The idea for that came to me in that in-between state when you're in bed, but you aren't asleep yet. Since then, I've had quite a few dreams that have inspired scenes for it. I really have high hopes for it.

I began the rough draft February 22nd, and am currently at 10,577 words.

Then there's my other general fiction piece, Perfection is my Enemy, which I began last August as I was anxiously awaiting my HC review. That was going really smoothly for a while, particularly during my February vacation. But it's kind of come to a standstill, and I decided a short break was needed. I'm hoping to pick it back up during my spring break in April.

I'm 45,548 words into the first draft. This is more than halfway through my ideal word count. I hope to have a completed draft by the end of the summer.

Then there's another dystopia on the back burner, Blissnorant. That's only at 7.5k and really only a side project at this point, unless I'm inspired in anyway to write more.

That's the breakdown of where I'm at writing-wise.
The Focus- Dancing Through Life re-write and Expiration Date rough draft
Number One Goal- Have a completed revised MS of DTL by June 20th.

It's funny, because in the beginning, I never imagined myself working more than one project at a time. Now I have four, well really three main one's. It's kind of nice to go that way, because when I get stuck on one, I can just jump to something else. It's important with multiple projects though, to know what your main focus is... or else nothing will ever get done!

With the next couple WIP Wednesdays, I'll keep updated with word count totals, as well as focus on a specific project. :)

What are you like when it comes to multiple projects at once? Totally cool with it? Or are you only a one thing at a time kind of person?