So Retro

On Saturday, my dad decided to take his old record player out of the basement and set it up.
That's right, arecord player.Until now, I was unaware that we owned one that actually works.
But low and behold, one appears.

I'm determined that it's the coolest thing ever.
I literally stared at the thing in awe for five minutes.

The best part is that I love the music from the "album era."
Hell, I actually think music was way better back then.
Which is why 75% of my iPod is classic rock and showtunes.

My dad had also had four cases of albums for my sister and I to scour through. He has everything. Aerosmith, Journey, Queen, ACDC, Kiss, Elton John, Michael Jackson's Thrilleralbum. It's so great.

What got to me the most were the Beatles records. He has eight of them. All the way back to their very first "Introducing the Beatles" album. My favorite album cover ever is Abbey Road. I love that picture so much.

Since the set up of the record player, I've basically lived in my basement. It's weird, because I have virtually all the music on my iPod, but it just doesn't compare to listening to it this way, in my mind. I don't know, I guess it makes me feel closer to the times.

I asked my dad how I'm supposed to get to the song I want to here. He goes, "Now, Marisa, this isn't a CD player. You can't just press '3' and the schazam." He proceeded to say that normally people would just listen to an album from beginning to end. Although I did figure out that there are little grooves in the record that mark the start of a song.

I still can't get over how cool this is. It's amazing how far music has come so quickly. Today, we can virtually get any song in the world with the click of a button, and think nothing of it. There's something unexplainably awesome about an album though, in my opinion.



Endor said...

That is SO awesome!

Munch said...

That's so cool! My dad also has a record player, but I'm not allowed to use it :( It's sitting upstairs in his bedroom and albums are stacked all around it. But it's super cool you got to use your dad's!