Getting Back to Reality

Last week I had break off from school.
Man, did I need that break.
I would've that having last week off I would've blogged more...
but the writing bug got me and it got me good. :D

Inspiration finally hit for my Dancing Through Life rewrite... and I ended up writing 10K IN A WEEK. I'm changing it around A LOT. Cutting scenes, adding characters, thickening the plot... the whole bit. Haha. I decided to cut the multiple POV and make it just from Chloe's perspective. It's tough, and I'm going to miss being in Jake's head... but I feel like it'll be best for the story from the new angle I'm coming from. Plus, it can make Jake more of a mystery ;) . Anyways, I know Jake so well, he'll still be in my head. :D

So I'm cruising right along with that. The first 10k was the toughest, because it was all written from scratch. But now as I'm getting back into the familiar plot, I'll move pretty fast (giving that I have the time to work on it!) I have another break off from school for a week in April, so I'm hoping I'll finish it then.

Another thing I began writing is my new dystopia idea. It's called EXPIRATION DATE, and the inspiration to write it came to me out of nowhere... so much so that I ended up writing 8k of that last week! I'll talk more about EXPIRATION DATE at a later time. ;D

I wrote 18k. In a week. Jeez! I can hardly believe that number. It's crazy.

But now, it's back to school. Back to the real world where I can't stay up all night and write. Back to hours of homework a night and dance four days a week. Darn. And I was on such a roll too.

On another note, for some reason I've really been feeling present tense lately. I don't know what it is. I've read a lot of amazing books in present--and all of a sudden everything I'M writing is in present. Hm....

PS I just reread Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles, and I love that book too much for words. The character development is incredible, and it's multiple POV done right. It's raw and real and edgy. God, I love it! :D


Paige said...

Sorry I never replied to the email, I'm going to read Chapter 3 as soon as I can, I've had a ton of homework these past two days, in fact, I shouldn't even be on blogger right now! Yay procrastination. and wow, 18k is a lot. I'm sad you guys are shutting down the treehouse gang, that is such a cool blog :(