The Blog is Getting a Schedule

Here's what I've come up with as a rough schedule of sorts for my blog, so I can have some posting consistency.

Every Wednesday will alternate between a "Waiting on Wednesday" when I post about a book I'm looking forward to (There are SO many lately!) and "Work-in-Progress Wednesday" where I will talk about progression with my current WIPs.

I will mention anything noteworthy that happened in my week during "Sum it up Saturdays"

"Fiction Fridays" will be when I talk about what I'm currently reading.

For now, I'm going to leave the other days open to anything. Like if I want to talk about anything writing related or if there's a book I particularly love or hate that I want to do a review on. Or for any other randomness that I feel like talking about.

This will at least guarantee a few posts a week, which is more than what I've been doing lately.

Do you guys have any ideas? Anything you think I should talk about on the blog? Any suggestions would rock. :D



Anonymous said...

Work-in-Progress Wednesday Can't wait for those posts!