It's My Inkie Anniversary!

My Journey Through InkPop thus Far...

Wow, InkPop. I can't believe you've been in my life for an entire year. It seems like I found you just yesterday. I loved to write and was looking for a place to showcase my work. And there you are. A website any author could dream of.

I sign up and put Dancing Through Life up the next day. At first it's tough getting real criticism on work, but soon I was taking it all in and editing like crazy. I saw that there was a top 5, and that these books got read by a HarperCollins editor every month. At that point one year ago, I thought it was an impossible feat. Me? At the time fourteen-year-old me getting my book read by a REAL editor? Crazy.

People liked my book though, more than I thought. The more changes I made from helpful critiques, the stronger it got. It was steadily rising in the ranks, and I thought maybe a top 5 would be possible.

I also made so many great friends from this site. It's nice talking to people who relate to you on a level that other teenagers just don't. To people at school, my love for books and words are something to be made fun of. Not for these people. These people get it.

Summer gave, and InkPop became my addiction. I was on it constantly reading and leaving critiques for "swaps." I kept pushing, and by July I was in. Numero cinco. The amount of positive feedback I got on Dancing Through Life had given me so much confidence in my writing. I knew my writing wasn't perfect, but hey, I was fourteen and getting my book read by a major publishing company, one of the youngest top 5ers around. I was ecstatic.

It wasn't easy. It was a tough road. While I met awesome people, of course their were those who... weren't. Swaps took over my life for a while, and I would get so frustrated when people wouldn't fulfill their end of the bargain. After I got my gold star, I stopped swapping. Now, I do my best to return read if that person's work interests me, but I mostly just read what I want. And I've read so many amazing works since I've joined!

August stood for the grueling long wait for the review. From that month I began working on my second novel, Perfection is my Enemy. It was what kept me sane, and I believe I wrote 12k in the first week, and 27k by the end of the summer. Then high school started and I was overwhelmed by it, so I didn't write as much for a while. Currently I'm at 45k, a little less than 2/3 away from my word goal of 70k. Right now it's ranked 62 on InkPop and I'm hoping for another summer top 5.

August ended, and my review came September 1st. I was so anxious, I was practically shaking when I opened it. And what was it? Tough love. Yes, there's was praise. But there were tons of critique. I'll admit, it was a tough blow. I'd grown quite attached to my Chloe and Jake. And I'd gotten over 500 comments of love. While the editor made some good points, there were also some I didn't agree with. I decided to look at the positive-- I had a ton of great editing material! And it was only ONE person who looked at it. But I thought it'd be best to put DTL away for a while a focus on Perfection.

My InkPop life came to a lull when school began. The only time I really got on all fall was the weekend and sometime I'd pop in at night for the Insomniacs thread.

Over this year I've accomplished more than I could ever imagine writing wise... and I give a lot of the credit to the site. While it does have its flaws and downsides, I still love you inkpop.



Munch said...

Happy Inkie Anniversary!

The Divine Writer said...

Hey Marisa!
My anniversary is on Thursday, although I'm not really feelin the love anymore on that site. I think it's when everyone went back to school. I went into hibernation for NaNo, and then I just pretty much completely quit. I don't know if I'll stick with it, because EVERYONE on there is either writing or looking to read paranormal, horror, blah blah, blah. I think I got sick of it. My anniversary is the 24th, and I think I just might quit. :(

Happy Anniversary to you!

Marisa said...

@Jen- Yeah, these days InkPop definitely isn't what it used to be.
I miss the old InkPop. :(