Remember that group blog I mentioned? Well folks, it's up and running at last.
Come join me and four of my online BFFs at The Treehouse Gang: A Site for Writers and Readers of all Ages.

This week is mainly an introductory week. Next week you'll learn about all the gang members. Our official launch is Februray 1st with the theme being paranormal. Me and my fellow gang members will be giving you a great post everyday. We have fun topics of discussion, as well as giveaways + contests.

The best part about this blog is it's interactive. We have weekly themes and we want you to send us your work to be posted on the blog and reviewed!

There's much more information about all this fun stuff in the welcome post of the site.
So what are you waiting for, go check it out and follow!

With interesting posts and an amazing design (thanks to the lovely Evie!) we are so excited to be bring this blog to you. Just click the picture, and you will officially be in on the action. :D



Evie J said...

No thanks to me?! hahahaha! *hugs*

Marisa said...

Lol. Typo. *goes to fix* :D

Anonymous said...

YES!!! *dances*

Paige said...

I'm so happy you guys made this blog! I can's wait! You guys are awesome :)