I Miss Rose and Dimitri Already...

I just finished the conclusion of the Vampire Academy series.
And oh my God, I don't even know what to say.
Except for the fact that I LOVE it and that everyone should read it.
I feel like a piece of me is gone now that they're over.

I began the series a little less than two weeks ago, based off the high recommendations from some of my friends. I will admit I was skeptical at first, ever since Twilight, anything "Vampire" has had a bad stigma to it. I soon found out that these two series aren't even comparable.

Rose is the most kick ass main character I've ever read in my life. Her voice is so much fun to read. She can be so bitingly sarcastic, and will come up with the most amazing comebacks on the spot. (Something I wish I could do. Yeah, I come up with great comebacks.... AFTER the fact!) She was strong, so strong, yet still vulnerable. I think that best part was that when I was reading, it was like Rose became a part of me. I laughed with her, I cried with her.

And don't even get me started about how much I love Dimitri.

I feel myself stumbling over lack of words here. I have too much praise for this series. What a storyteller Richelle Mead is. The plot kept getting bigger and better, and you could see the development of the characters throughout each book.

Another thing Richelle Mead does really well is use our emotions and play off them. Everything could be just the way we want it at one point and then BAM this huge plot twist is thrown at us. And it's never what we want it to be, and we're all heartbroken. But everything she did NEEDED to happen. It made us keep reading on, because at that point we're so invested in the characters, and we feel as though they're real people... so we have to know what the hell just happened?

In some ways there are those classic age-old themes. Forbidden love, good guys vs. bad guys, but then again it's different from anything I've ever read.

It's annoying how they get that vampire stigma too, especially since when reading, it's SO easy to forget that they're vampires to begin with. Mead made the Moroi and Dhampirs just so HUMAN, it's too easy to forget. It's only remembered when you see how evil the Strigoi are. But honestly, the whole vampire aspect felt so minimal to me.

I can't reiterate enough how much this series has impacted me. I can only wish that someday I can write something half as good.

I already miss Rose and Dimitri... as well as Lissa, Christian, and Adrian.
I'm sensing a reread in the next few months.
And I'll be anxiously awaiting the spin-off series!

I'm done rambling now.
*Walks away in awe.*



Evie J said...

*walks across page with an I TOLD YOU SO sign*

Marisa said...

*bows to the master* I am forever in your debt, Evie.