Winter Wonderland

Bringing you some pictures of the aftermath of the two-day storm I endured up here. Which is actually pretty wimpy, because it rained the yesterday.. so a lot of the snow washed away. Still a pretty decent showing though.

Oh, but it's sooo icy. I swear I could skate on my driveway.

I'll admit, as of right now the snow is pretty.
It's been a cold barely-above-freezing 33 degrees.
But I love looking at snow when the skies are blue and the sun is shining.

Speaking of winter wonderland, I have a new short story up of figment titled
"Not A Winter Wonderland." It's posted up for the New Years contest.
This piece features a snarky MC who hates all things holiday related, but really is just sick of losing everything and doesn't want to let go. Here's an excerpt.

Christmas isn’t half bad, except it’s just a total excuse the economy has to tell people to spend money. And tricking little kids into believing there’s a Santa Claus? I personally was never thrilled at the thought of a huge overweight man in a red suit coming in to my house. Um, pedophile alert. But that whole Santa thing really crushed some kids.

Check it out (and heart it if you like it) by clicking here.

Ooh, and one last thing. I finally got the reaction buttons at the bottom of each post.
Please do click them! I know people don't always feel like leaving comments, but these will hopefully give me a better sense of the traffic I'm getting on this blog. :)