Marisa Writing Dystopia? Say What!

It's true, folks.
I began writing a dystopia novel.


Here's a lame pitch that I just wrote out of nowhere.
I only have the first two chapters written (about 6k) so as I write more I'll do a better pitch.

There are two main emotions that drive the human race: love and hate. People will go to extreme measures for both emotions. Those two four letter words were the downfall of mankind. That’s why they had to be eliminated. That’s why the scientists created Blissnorant, a drug that would erase a human’s capacity to feel these basic emotions. That’s why generations later, words such as war and poverty became extinct. It’s all because love and hate were eliminated from the world’s vocabulary.

Well, almost eliminated.

You see, the majority of people in this world called Encidious are blissnorant. Blissfully ignorant to complex emotions. Then there is the remote town of Philos, in the middle of what would be considered no-mans-land. These people are not blissnorant. These people know.

It's told in alternating first person between James of Philos, and Sophia of Encidious.
I'd talk more, but I'm not giving too much away.
I'm really excited on how it's coming along so far, and I can't wait to write more.

If you want a sneak peak, click here.
The first two chapters are posted on Figment, a new writing site that just launched.
I feel like that will be a better place for suggestions because of the lack of competition.
Then I can put it on InkPop when I reach the word count.

And please don't be quick to judge, and say that it's too much like other dystopias.
Because I promise you it isn't, or at least the end product won't be.
I've been especially reading up on dystopia lately so I don't accidentally copy something. :)

It seems like many InkPoppers are migrating to Figment.
It's interesting, and I love the no top five thing, so people who WANT to read your story will read it. No bribing over there. It does need some work in my opinion, but for it being a brand new site it's not bad. I feel like it'll be the place where I test my stuff out before I put it on InkPop.



Kristia S. said...

NICE!! I'll give it a read whenever I can!
I would soooooo sign up for Figment, buuuutttt my beef about it can copy and paste the text. That's what I like about No one can copy and paste your work. :/
That site is fixed up so AWESOME THOUGH! Better than :/ But I just have beef with that copy and paste thingy....
When or IF they change that, then I'll get on there. :D

I really look forward to reading this!!!
Keep up the amazing work!!!