Looks Like We'll be Having a White Christmas

It's not the best quality, I know.
But I took it from my bedroom window.
It's too cold to go outside!

Lately it's been snowing constantly around here.
I like the snow well enough.
But I hate the cold that comes with it!
I swear, if there could be snow without cold I'd be all set.

Oh, as of now, I'm finally on winter break. Woo!
We have the LAMEST break ever this year though.
We just started, and we go back January 3rd.

I NEED this break.
Even though it's not even going to feel like much of a break with all the science work I've been assigned.
But hey, what else is new?

I'm in desperate need of a major read-athon and write-athon. Here are my vacation goals:
1. Finish Beautiful Creatures by tomorrow
2. Read first two Vampire Academy books that my friend lent me.
3. Write at least another chapter of Perfection and 5k of Blissnorant.
4. Read Elixir and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo if there's time.

I just want a lazy vacation, where I can catch up on some much needed sleep.

And an update about that Flash5 contest I entered:
I made Top 5. I was actually number one among the voters, which I'm extremely proud of. After Lauren Oliver's results came in, I was announced as runner up. SO CLOSE! I'm a tad disappointed I'll admit. But I'm still flabbergasted (I love that word!) that Lauren even LIKED my writing. Even though I didn't win, being #2 out of 1,600 entries is still a nice little ego boost. And there's always a next time. I guess I'll have to wait for Delirium, like the rest of the world. Lol.