I Have Two New Obsessions, Blog Followers

1. Twitter.
How is it that I did not get a twitter account until just yesterday?
Ah, I love it.
And I'm already addicted.

I just think it's cool the whole aspect of following the people who influence you and you can see what's on their mind, right when they say it.

I think I've been holding out because I didn't need another thing to become addicted to. Well, too late! Hehe.

But twitter is nothing without followers. So follow me by clicking here!

Moving on to more important matters...

Oh. My. God.
I've only read the first book, and I'm already obsessed.

The characters are brilliant.
Rose is probably one of my favorite MC's I've ever read. Her personality is so much fun to read, and while she acts all badass, she has her vulnerable moments as well. You can really respect her for how much she cares about her best friend, Lissa.

And then there's Dimitri. Mmmm... I think I'm in love with him. Hello, new literary crush. He's just so, gah how do I even describe him? I think this one quote says it all:

“If I let myself love you, I won’t throw myself in front of her. I’ll throw myself in front of you.” – Dimitri Vampire Academy


I sort of shut myself out from vampire books, ever since Twilight. It wasn't a conscious decision, it just happened. I'd never even heard of these books until recently Then I hear Evie raving about them. She turned our whole little facebook group VA obsessed. And I'm so glad she did.

The best part is, in my opinion, is that when you read these books, you actually forget that they're vampires. The Moroi and Dhampir's (good vamps) possess so many human like qualities, that it's easy to forget. Mead has taken all vampire stereotypes and thrown them out the window. I love it!

I have Frostbite, and I'm SOOO tempted to start it. But I'm using it as motivation to finish my science homework. Do I have the willpower... or will I crack? We shall see...