The Resurrection

Hi everyone! How are you all doing?
I've been... well busy is an understatement.
Clearly, considering I haven't updated this thing since August 29th :o
So I'm going to try to bring this baby back from the dead.
Whether it succeeds or not, well I don't know.

I'm kind of at a loss as to what to talk about.
So much has happened.
But I'll try.
Let's see, what do I want to touch on?
I'll stick with five thinks.
High school, dance, writing, books, and other various extracurriculars that consume my life.

1. High School
People have told me that I'd either love high school or hate it.
As of now, I love it.
It's A TON of work, don't get me wrong. I have about two hours of homework a night, and weekend work to boot.
But that's what I get for being in all honors classes.

My schedule:
A- Chorus - which I love. So much. I swear... the kids involved with the music department are the nicest kids in the school.
B- Spanish 2
C- Gym - Ew, thank god I only have it one semester.
D- English 1 Honors - The reason why I go to school. I love the teacher. I love the subject. It's a win-win
E- Integrated Science Honors - is the bane of my existence. I can't wait to get the whole science fair thing over with
F- World History Honors - let's face it. No matter how you slice it, learning about dead guys and what they did thousands of years ago is boring
G- Geometry- meh, I deal with it. I've always been good at math, but I'm much better at Algebra

Overall I like my schedule. For the most part I'm with all of my friends, all day. Except I have to deal with the annoying kids who are bound to be in the honors classes. *Sigh*

2. Dance
Pretty much takes up the other half of my life.
I'm there some Monday's and every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
It's a lot, but I love it.
Our competition jazz song is Let's Get Loud.
We've moved up from MJ to J-Lo
(Every year in the past our comp. song has been Michael Jackson)
So it'll be good.

Right now I'm working on switch leaps and side leaps.
GOD, I HATE SIDE LEAPS. I fail at them so much. I don't know why either.
My switch leap is pretty close though, so I'm excited about that!
And I'm super close to my left split.
Which is great considering last year it looked awful.

Moving on.

3. Writing
Has been really slow lately.
I just don't have the time I used to have.
Dancing Through Life has been put away since it's made July Top 5. I'm hoping to start edits around Christmas break.

Perfection is my Enemy is coming along rather nicely. But it's a slow process. I have about 33k written. I'm hoping to finish a chapter this weekend. Hopefully. But I need to figure out where exactly this novel is going. I mean, I have an idea... but, hmm... we'll see.

AND. On top of it all, I have a new project in the works.
I'm not going to release a lot of information on that yet, there'll be more in later posts.
Just that it's way different from anything I've ever written before.
It's dystopia, with romance as a subplot.
And it's called Blissnorant. You'll understand the title as more information comes.

The main reason I won't say much is because the plot is confusing, and I want to wait until I write up a decent pitch. But I'm really excited for it!

4. Books
My reading time has been lacking as well.
In September, I was so busy in stressed that I only read ONE BOOK.
It's pathetic.
But it was a freaking amazing book.
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Read it.

What else have I read recently?
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is fabulous. I seriously recommend it. It's the kind of book that everyone should read.

Literally an hour ago I finished The Scorch Trials, book two in The Maze Runner Trilogy. I started it Monday, and was itching to find time to just sit down and read it. During the week I get so exhausted, and I hate reading when I'm tired, I feel like I miss stuff that way. So today I was halfway through it and sat down and didn't get up until I finished it.

And OH MY FREAKING GOD. I don't even know what to say about this series. READ IT! READ IT! READ IT!

And now I'm forced to wait a year for the conclusion to the Trilogy, The Death Cure. Let the countdown begin.

Oh, and I'm currently in the middle of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Today I'm going to begin book 3, The Titan's Curse. I love this series so far, and it's great for anyone who's interested in Greek Mythology told in a modern point of view.

I'm going to try to blog about the books I read. Not full out reviews, they'll be brief. But it's easier to keep up in short posts than ramble on in long posts. (like this one.)

5. Other things happening in my life
Student Council is great.
I'm a Vice President, and it's so much fun.
There are Monday night Monthly Meetings (the next one is this Monday! Yes!) with the entire Student Council, grades 9-12. Those are the best meetings. So. Much. Fun.
Then there's weekly meetings on Tuesday's.
On November 18th I'm going to SEMASC, a student council conference that all the upperclassmen say are so much fun. I'm excited. :D

Creative Writing is fun.
I mostly love it because my english teacher runs it and she's the best.
But while I love to write, I prefer typing over hand writing.
Which is the one annoying thing about CW club.
But, it's sometimes the only point in the school week where I get to free write.
So it's worth it.

TUESDAY I'm auditioning for the school musical.
Sweet Charity.
I'm so pumped!
I love the audition song, it's perfect for my range.
I'm not expecting a lead, being only a freshie and all...
But even if I'm one of the background dancers I'm happy with that.
If I do get a part, my life will be even more chaotic than it is now.
But I love musical theater.
So it's especially worth it.

Well, there's the (not so) brief update.
And I hereby proclaim the resurrection of this blog.

Oh, and if you actually read this.
Here's a virtual high five. *high five*



Anonymous said...

Well, I already knew you were still alive, but still.

Munch said...

*virtual high fives back*
Welcome back to the internet!