We all have them.
Something/someone who just automatically puts you in a bad mood.

Mine -this year at least- is science class.
It's just... not fun.
At all.

There's just so much expected of us.
It's insane amounts of work.
I know being in an honors class you're expected a lot,
But this class really is ridiculous.

It's just... meh.
Some aspects I enjoy, like chemistry and biology.
Physics and engineering is awful, you may as well be speaking French.
And this is "Integrated Science Honors" meaning a little bit of everything.

It's just... I don't even know.
I wish I could elaborate more.

Last year science rocked.
But I had an amazing teacher.
This year... well...
I'll just say that he want 2.3cm margins and today when we were making a chart we had to start out by making a heptagon with each angle being 50 degrees.

I personally just find a lot of it pointless.
I always think 'when am I ever going to use this?'

But I'm slightly prejudice.
I'm an English nerd all the way (clearly.)
English is the reason I go to school.

Science has become the bane of my existence.

Sorry guys, just sometimes we all need to vent :)
What's something that puts you guys in a bad mood?
Something that after you see/do it, you're just like "I'm done."

And I'm sure I could think of more.
This is just the one that's more prominent in my life right now.



Munch said...

Pirouettes. Flat out, they put me in a bad mood.
And my English teacher. He puts me in a horrible mood!

Marisa said...

Oh, pirouettes are good times. -note the sarcasm-
I have an amazing english teacher this year.
English class is pretty much the only reason I like school. Haha :)