If I Get Carpal Tunnel... I'm Suing

*Current Mood* - Stressed
*Currently Listening To* - Miss Murder by AFI

Weekends are supposed to be a time to de-stress from the school week.
They're a chance to hang out with family and catch up with friend, right?


What was Marisa doing all weekend?
Namely science.

Let's see, I had a quick math and spanish sheet.
And a simple essay for history.
No problem.

Then there's science.
He wanted the beginning of our research report, which came to six pages for me.
We had to answer three sections worth of questions in the book. Eight questions per section. Minimum of four sentences per answer.
And then on top of it, this god forsaken poster on pressure laws.
It's not due until Thursday, but I got as much done as I could... because I know I'm going to get other stuff throughout the week.

I got four out of the seven sections done.
It took over two hours.
Look at the ridiculousness

It's all backwards because I used my webcam to take the picture.
But you get it.
Even with the picture you probably still don't understand the level of ridiculous in the poster.

My hand hurts so bad.
And for what?

Yeah, and you all probably don't care.
I get that.
Lol. :D