Happy Thanksgiving! (to the Americans)

I live in a place where Thanksgiving means a lot more than most other places in the country.
What are your Thanksgiving plans?

This year, I'm packing up and going up to Vermont until Saturday.
Meaning a four hour car ride....
At least I can get a lot of reading done.
I'm hoping I can bring my computer to write as well...
But I don't know if that parents will let me.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

All weekend I'll be with my little cousins.
I'm the oldest out of everyone.
Then my sister.
Then there's an almost 10, a nine, a seven, a six, a three, and a one year old.
So many kids !

I'll be honest, my sister is a lot better with them then I am.
I don't have the patience!
I get along well with the 10 and 9 year old... and the baby is adorable.
It's that whole 6-8 phase that I'm not too fond of.

Marisa! You're going to Vermont, right? Are you going skiing?
I can't ski.
Neither can anyone in my immediate family.
My mom can't stand the cold, and neither can my dad really.
I wanted to learn, but they're always like "Would you rather be on a mountain freezing or on a tropical vacation?"

And they have a point.
But all of my relatives ski.
That's okay, though.

Last time we went to this great pool, and I'm pretty sure we're going again.
It starts off inside, and then you swim under and you're outside.
So basically you're in a pool swimming and there's snow all around you.
It's great.
Definitely will be the highlight of my weekend.