A New Book & My First Dance Story

Lately I have been a writing machine.
My new project, Perfection Is My Enemy, just racked in at 12k.
And I just began writing it a week ago.
I don't think I've ever written this fast, not even with DTL
It's madness, I tell you.

I'm not much of an outliner,
The plot just comes to be as I go along.
But I do know that I want to wait until most of it is completed and edited before I post it on InkPop.

As for what it's about,
Well if I start typing, I'll start rambling.
So when I write up a decent pitch, I'll post it.
But it's a general fiction/romance coming of age type story.

I'm excited... when I'm done typing this up I'm going to go try to hit 15k before I go to sleep.

Next up, my first dance story.
Note that this will probably be dull, since dance is really slow during the summer.
My studio doesn't really offer too many summer classes.
I'm just taking a stretch & technique class that my teacher wanted the competition students to take.

So there's this girl in my class, and we're semi-friends.
Like, "sit at the same lunch table but I'll never hang out with you after school" type friends.
Well, she's always in all of my dance classes, and she's on my competition team.

She's the type of girl in school who drops friends like a hot potatoe -yet she always has a pack of girls.
We were close once a couple years ago, but she dropped me. (A long story that I don't feel like explaining at nearly 1 AM)
She started talking to me again this year, but more in the aquaintance semi-friend this way. Like "I don't hate you but I wouldn't invite you over my house."
(The whole story with her is long and complicated, I won't go into two years worth of details)

Basically, through this stretch class, I've come to the conclusion that she'll only talk to me when there's no one better to talk to.
I should've realized this years ago, but naive me always wants to think the best of everyone.
But I'm done.

Breakdown of how I came to this conclusion.
Week One: She is all over me, making small talk and acting like we're BFF's. We stand next to each other the whole class, are partners for kicks, and at the end of class she hugs me goodbye.
Week Two: We say hello, talk a little, but this time she's also talking to another girl, K, who's a year older than us. Fine, whatever. I don't know K too well so I just hang in the background. Me and said girl talk a little more, and say goodbye.
Week Three: No small talk between us, just a hello and goodbye. She is with K the whole time, and L, who will be a senior.
Week Four and Five: Basically, I don't exist anymore.

Next week is the last week. K isn't going to be there. So I wonder if said girl will try to talk to me. But I'm done with her. If she tries to talk, she'll get blunt, one word answers. If she can just stop acknowlaging me for no reason, why should I bother talking to her?

The moral of the second half of this blog:
People are weird.



n a t a l i e said...

wow...12k. 'Tis impressive indeed. and you expect to reach 15k by tonight? Madness :O

Boo. Girls like that suck. I say we start a television show consisting of them, all stuck in a room together. I think it would be amusing to watch, if somewhat inhumane :D