The Good Old 90's

Blog followers, I have a confession to make
I'm a 90's television show junkie.

TV was just so much better back then.
Back in the days when the whole plot line of the show didn't revolve around sex.
Don't get me wrong... I have my favorite shows of tonight.
Glee for one. That show assures me that there's still some hope when it comes to today's TV.
And another one I love is Big Brother.
But nothing beats 90's sitcoms.
You know, shows that don't just TRY to be funny... but actually ARE.

The first show I fell in love with... Full House.
It used to be on everyday right when I came home from school, so I'd eat my afternoon snack and watch it. I've seen every episode multiple times.

I laughed at Joey's cartoon voices.
I thought Uncle Jesse was cute.
I looked up to DJ.
And I thought Michelle was the cutest thing ever.
I grew up on that show.

Another show I loved was Step by Step.
Then there is The Cosby Show, Roseanne, and Family Matters.
I could list a ton more.
I mean, these shows are genuinely funny.
I swear to God, this past summer TV Land and Nick at Night have been my new best friends.

My new favorite show that I just discovered recently, and is possibly the funniest TV show ever...
The Nanny.
Oh my God, I love that show.
It's hilarious.
I've literally been staying up all night watching it lately.
Fran's obnoxious voice totally makes the show.
And I love Niles with his one-liners.

Why isn't TV this good now?

Even the early 2000's weren't that bad.
I had a few Disney Channel favorites.
Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, and That's so Raven.
Now all there shows are the same premise with slightly different plots, and they attempt to be funny... but they just aren't.

Another thing I miss is the theme songs.
Remember when TV theme songs used to explain the whole show in song form?
Theme songs are now non-existed in todays prime time.

Sorry, this was mostly just a thinking blog.
I've had The Nanny on the brain lately.

What do you guys think?
Do you agree? Disagree?
What was your favorite show of the 90's?



Anonymous said...

I <3 that show! So funny!
I agree, the 90s had such better shows!

Evie J said...

THE 90S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Are you afraid of the dark?
Hey, Arnold!
Ren and Stimpy!
Rocko's Modern Life!
The Nanny
...I'll stop here before I go on a tangent!

Marisa said...

Oh I know!
I was born in '95... I so wish that the 90's wasn't my baby/toddler phase. I swear, I live off of re-runs. :D

Briana Michelle Meyer said...

I had a 90's day a few weeks ago.
I cried.

Munch said...

I love The Nanny! I couldn't imagine life without her voice. It's so funny! And witty. I think writers were smarter then.

Jenna said...

Omigoshhhh I <3 the 90s! It was such a happier time. I was actually listening to N*SYNC earlier (because it's on my iPod) and I realized, YOU CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY'RE SAYING! Not like today, where I'm like Wait, what?

Marisa said...

@Munch- It's so true. I swear, The Nanny is like my new obsession... I've watched a ton of episodes on YouTube, and instead of spending these past few nights writing late at night... I go downstairs and watch the Nick @ Nite marathons. I love it.

@Jenna- I KNOW! I was in a store the other day and a Backstreet Boys song came on... totally brought back memories. Today's music is blech for the most part.