The Perks of Having High School Friends

I'm lacking things to talk about, so I'll just post what I posted in my other blog.

I haven't blogged in awhile... there really hasn't been much to say lately.

I start high school in nine days.
I'm mostly excited and totally ready.
Nerves are mixed in, sure.
But that's mostly because I'll be in an unfamiliar building, where I don't know my way around at all.
So those nerves will pass.

See, I'm the type of person who clicks better with people older than me.
It's always been this way.
There's a handful of people in my class that I'm close with.
Most 95% of the class I have no use for.

Kids my age don't get me, or my interests.
Like, if I told anyone that I wrote a book, I cannot begin to tell you how much crap I'd get for it.
And I did drama, which apparently isn't cool in my class.
The class above me, over 50% of them did drama.
In my grade there were 10 of us.
It's sad.

But over my middle school career I made so many older friends through drama.
Mostly sophomores and juniors.
Back then I became part of the inner circle, because in fifth, sixth, and seventh grade I was pulling leads.
Once I got a facebook, it was even easier to keep in touch.

Yesterday, this junior Nate, who I hadn't talked to in forever started messaging me, asking me if I'm excited for high school and if I know what team I'm on. (Our freshman academy is organized into teams, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.)

I said I didn't know, I'll find out at the freshman orientation cookout on Tuesday (which I'll be sure to blog about.)
I asked him what team I should hope to be on.
He said he was in all honors classes (like me) and was on yellow... he liked it but most people bitched because it was a lot of work.
Then he described to me what all the teachers in Yellow are like if I happen to be in there.
And he told me that the choir director is the man.
Then my other junior friend Stephanie (Nate's girlfriend and star of all the musicals. She's amazing) comments going "GO GREEN TEAM!" and talks about that team.

It was nice, and comforting.
It made me realize that, even though I'll be at a new school.
I won't be alone.
I'll have friends, even some upperclassmen, who will help me find my way.
Point me in the right director the first few days if I get lost.
It definitely helps settle some of the nerves.

On another topic... HOLY CRAP.

That is what I feel about Mockingjay.
After having to wait five days after it's release to get it.
(Stupid Borders pre-order)
I tore right through it.

I'm obviously not going to say anything,
Don't want to spoil it for anyone.
But WOW.
I haven't had this feeling - the feeling where you can't stop thinking about a book when you finished- in awhile.

And, if you've never read The Hunger Games series.
I'm just saying.


Macs and Mockingjay

Today MOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins came out!
I haven't been this excited for a book since... well since I don't know when.
Perhaps the 7th Harry Potter book?
But that doesn't even compare to how excited I am for this book.

I've re-read the first two books to get ready.
And I pre-orderd this book months ago.
Though I have to wait for my dad to get home to go pick it up... argh!

I have to know what happens.
Is there a district thirteen?
Is Peeta going to be okay?
Will the uprising be a success?
What happened to Cinna? <-- one of my biggest questions

But I suppose the real question to all of you is:
Team Peeta or Team Gale?

I'm very flippy-floppy and indecisive when it comes to this question.
First time I read through the books, I was Team Peeta, no question.
He just sounded so adorable and was so sweet.
But as I read through them a second time, I feel like I understand Gale more....
And he does sound gorgeous.
I'm sticking with Peeta... although there's no telling who Katniss will be with in the end, if anyone at all.

What was your favorite part from the first two books?
In The Hunger Games I can't really pick a part out... I loved it all.
And while I loved Catching Fire... possibly more than The Hunger Games... there are a few parts that stick out to me.

1. When Peeta and Katniss visit District 11 on the Victory Tour. Even the second time I read it, I still got tears in my eyes.
2. When Katniss spins around and her wedding dress turns into a Mockingjay. Cinna is a genius.
3. "Tick, tock. This is a clock." I thought the whole concept of the arena being a clock was ingenious.

I could say so much more, but I'll stick to that for now.
What about you guys?

And, lightly touching the second part of my title.
I got a MacBook yesterday.
And to make it simple, I love it.
The saying really is true.
Once you go Mac, you never go back.

Have a great day everyone! I will be anxiously waiting for my dad to come home so he can take me to Borders.

I am extremely pissed off at
You'd think that pre-ordering means you get the book THE DAY it comes out.
But no, it gets SHIPPED today.
So I will not spend my night reading Mockingjay, as planned.
If only you cold see the look on my face right now....


This Is Going Better Than I Thought It Would...

Two days ago I posted Perfection is my Enemy to InkPop.
I honestly didn't know what people would think of it.
Dancing Through Life was my baby for so long... I didn't know what people's reactions would be to something new.
I honestly thought all the comments were going to be an "it needs work" and some constructive critism.

Well, as of right now it's ranked as 293 on the current chart and 3 on the weekly chart.
And it's only been on for a little more than 48 hours.
This excites me.
It already has 28 picks and 27 watches.
Do you have any idea how long it took me to get Dancing Through Life at that?
Much longer than two days, I can tell you that much!
And I'm not even swapping for this story.

It definitely is giving me the motivation to keep writing.
I just started it July 28th, and I'm already at the 27k mark.
And it's really coming along I think!
I should be writing right now actually... I just took a quick break to come post this.

Another plus about this is that working on this new projcet of mine is distracted me from the wait for my HC Dancing Through Life review.
(Which I'm getting in two weeks, if anyone cares)

I honestly wasn't looking to make Top 5 with this piece.
But who knows? At the rate it's going... and with me and my competitive-ness kicking in...
I may just have to shoot for another gold star.

In the mean time, I'm going to write as much as I can.
Because I know that when school and dance starts, I'm not going to have as much writing time.
Only 20 more days and I'm a high school freshman... Eek!


The Good Old 90's

Blog followers, I have a confession to make
I'm a 90's television show junkie.

TV was just so much better back then.
Back in the days when the whole plot line of the show didn't revolve around sex.
Don't get me wrong... I have my favorite shows of tonight.
Glee for one. That show assures me that there's still some hope when it comes to today's TV.
And another one I love is Big Brother.
But nothing beats 90's sitcoms.
You know, shows that don't just TRY to be funny... but actually ARE.

The first show I fell in love with... Full House.
It used to be on everyday right when I came home from school, so I'd eat my afternoon snack and watch it. I've seen every episode multiple times.

I laughed at Joey's cartoon voices.
I thought Uncle Jesse was cute.
I looked up to DJ.
And I thought Michelle was the cutest thing ever.
I grew up on that show.

Another show I loved was Step by Step.
Then there is The Cosby Show, Roseanne, and Family Matters.
I could list a ton more.
I mean, these shows are genuinely funny.
I swear to God, this past summer TV Land and Nick at Night have been my new best friends.

My new favorite show that I just discovered recently, and is possibly the funniest TV show ever...
The Nanny.
Oh my God, I love that show.
It's hilarious.
I've literally been staying up all night watching it lately.
Fran's obnoxious voice totally makes the show.
And I love Niles with his one-liners.

Why isn't TV this good now?

Even the early 2000's weren't that bad.
I had a few Disney Channel favorites.
Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, and That's so Raven.
Now all there shows are the same premise with slightly different plots, and they attempt to be funny... but they just aren't.

Another thing I miss is the theme songs.
Remember when TV theme songs used to explain the whole show in song form?
Theme songs are now non-existed in todays prime time.

Sorry, this was mostly just a thinking blog.
I've had The Nanny on the brain lately.

What do you guys think?
Do you agree? Disagree?
What was your favorite show of the 90's?


Perfection Is My Enemy

Enter the Banks family. Perfect on the outside. Falling apart on the inside. And Colby is right in the middle of it.

Colby Banks never fails. So when her parents announce they're divorcing, she takes it upon herself to find a way to bring them back together. But she quickly learns there is no simple formula and nothing she does is good enough.

That's the newest book I've been working on.
Originally I was going to wait to post it on InkPop.
But I decided that once I hit 25k, and do a quick edit, I will post what I have.
I figure that if I'm writing complete garbage, I want to know before I keep writing it.
(Though I hope everyone doesn't hate it.)

I'm just about to break 21k
So if things go as I plan them to, I'm hoping to post either Friday or Saturday.

Besides that, I have an (awesome in my opinion) idea that I'm just itching to write about.
It's a Utopian/Dystopian type novel.
I'm kind of nervous and don't know if I can pull it off though, because all I've written is general fiction/romance.
I've been writing down notes/ideas, so I don't forget... but I really want to focus on perfection.
Maybe I'll do this new idea for NaNoWriMo

Oh, and I've decided that I'm not going to do book reviews anymore.
There are plenty of other -better- blogs dedicated to do just that.
This blog will be to keep you updated about my writing,
And since I'm going to be a freshman this year... this may just end up transforming in a high school experiences type blog when school begins. Who knows?
But I will keep my currently reading tab up, since I'm always reading something new.

On a final note, to any dancers who'd understand this.
I got my scorpion today! I'm so excited.
I watched Step Up earlier (One of my favorite dance movies ever. If you haven't seen it, you should. Plus, I mean, it's Channing Tatum. Why wouldn't you want to see it?)
After I was messing around in my basement.
And I realized that I finally got it. :D
(For those of you who don't know, this is a scorpion)

That's all for now :)

A New Book & My First Dance Story

Lately I have been a writing machine.
My new project, Perfection Is My Enemy, just racked in at 12k.
And I just began writing it a week ago.
I don't think I've ever written this fast, not even with DTL
It's madness, I tell you.

I'm not much of an outliner,
The plot just comes to be as I go along.
But I do know that I want to wait until most of it is completed and edited before I post it on InkPop.

As for what it's about,
Well if I start typing, I'll start rambling.
So when I write up a decent pitch, I'll post it.
But it's a general fiction/romance coming of age type story.

I'm excited... when I'm done typing this up I'm going to go try to hit 15k before I go to sleep.

Next up, my first dance story.
Note that this will probably be dull, since dance is really slow during the summer.
My studio doesn't really offer too many summer classes.
I'm just taking a stretch & technique class that my teacher wanted the competition students to take.

So there's this girl in my class, and we're semi-friends.
Like, "sit at the same lunch table but I'll never hang out with you after school" type friends.
Well, she's always in all of my dance classes, and she's on my competition team.

She's the type of girl in school who drops friends like a hot potatoe -yet she always has a pack of girls.
We were close once a couple years ago, but she dropped me. (A long story that I don't feel like explaining at nearly 1 AM)
She started talking to me again this year, but more in the aquaintance semi-friend this way. Like "I don't hate you but I wouldn't invite you over my house."
(The whole story with her is long and complicated, I won't go into two years worth of details)

Basically, through this stretch class, I've come to the conclusion that she'll only talk to me when there's no one better to talk to.
I should've realized this years ago, but naive me always wants to think the best of everyone.
But I'm done.

Breakdown of how I came to this conclusion.
Week One: She is all over me, making small talk and acting like we're BFF's. We stand next to each other the whole class, are partners for kicks, and at the end of class she hugs me goodbye.
Week Two: We say hello, talk a little, but this time she's also talking to another girl, K, who's a year older than us. Fine, whatever. I don't know K too well so I just hang in the background. Me and said girl talk a little more, and say goodbye.
Week Three: No small talk between us, just a hello and goodbye. She is with K the whole time, and L, who will be a senior.
Week Four and Five: Basically, I don't exist anymore.

Next week is the last week. K isn't going to be there. So I wonder if said girl will try to talk to me. But I'm done with her. If she tries to talk, she'll get blunt, one word answers. If she can just stop acknowlaging me for no reason, why should I bother talking to her?

The moral of the second half of this blog:
People are weird.