July... Where did you go?

Ah! I can't believe it's already the last day of July! It feels like this month flew by. Tonight, at midnight, Dancing Through will be a Top Pick and get it's gold star on InkPop! I'm so excited! When I first joined, I saw the top five as a distant dream that will probably never happen. So I'm so glad (and mostly surprised!) that it's gotten this far. I'm very partial to this months Top 5, if I do say so myself. General fiction sweep! I don't think that's ever happened before. And they're all fabulous books that deserved to be up there.

I have to give a special thanks to a few Inkpoppers. To Sharon, who's been one of my supporters from the beginning, when DTL was sitting in the hundreds. Thank you for the promotion threads and all the support! To Evie, one of the greatest InkPopper's I know, who was willing to swap for me if I needed it, even though she has her own fabulous book Rosewood that she had just put up and should've been focusing on. Even though I ended up not needed the help, the offer was so appreciated. To Andrea/Nella, my shameless thread bumper and twin when it comes to tastes. And to Morgan and Laura who have been so supportive, this past month especially. I don't know what I'd do without all my InkPop friends! Who I talk to WAY to much. I think facebook hates us... lol.

So July was a pretty good month. Now comes the anxious wait. I'm going to try to keep myself busy throughout August to distract myself.

Goals for August:
1. Focus on my new projects. I have one that I just started, but looks promising. It's called 'Perfection Is My Enemy.' I started it the other day, and wrote 5K in 24 hours! That's a new record. I also want to get further in the sequel I have planned for DTL, 'Learning To Dance in the Rain.'

2. Shamelessly promote Evie's 'Rosewood' and Laura's 'The Assassin' and help in whatever way I can get them into August Top 5!

3. Get outside more. I was such a hermit in July, editing DTL like crazy. I'm going to try to be more social this month and enjoy the rest of my summer.

That's my plan.
Oh, and I'm still freaking out that July's basically over. Ah!



Evie J said...

AH!!! *tackles you* Thanks, Marisa!!! This cheered me up a lot! :)

Evie J said...

Oh, look at me! I had to yell! haha!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks Marisa, I'm gonna have to stay up tonight and wait for your star!